Monday, 31 October 2011

Asthma And Its Treatment

by S.Eswara rao

And found a large number of people with asthma tend to believe they have a kind of prison for life, when in fact most cases of asthma control. We know all there is to understand your application if you have asthma, you can control your disease.

In asthma, the most important treatment is to avoid irritants. What causes asthma asthma triggers, and there are many common triggers.

However, many patients with asthma often settings, they lead to other patients who may suffer from asthma, to find the key to your release, you can try to avoid them. Therefore, working with suppliers of health services is as much as possible to ensure that you control asthma triggers, such as keys.

The most important treatment for asthma and quick Help Medicines Control helps prevent attacks against the simultaneous ingestion of drugs. Among the fight against drugs is necessary if you have moderate to severe asthma have, even if you feel well and healthy.

Many patients stop their medication errors against asthma and the control unit, and when I feel good, this problem is that the attacks may be more frequent and more severe. If asthma is very easy, you can use one medication immediate help, and if you have an asthma attack, and can be.

Often, the root of the problem was inhaled drug that is commonly used as soon as possible in the treatment of asthma, it is drugs, such as short-acting agonists such as Ventolin, beta, in particular. Other drugs, including rapid relief and Alupent MaxAir that terbutaline and a bronchodilator.

When people started coughing and wheezing or tightness in the chest and usually take quick relief or rescue medicine. They are usually very effective in most cases (not fast enough to take it) is to prevent asthma attacks.

Preventive medications emergency / quick work of the muscles of your flight, your breathing relaxed so much easier, and there is an asthma attack. The rule of thumb, if you know that you are taking rapid relief of more than twice a week, and asthma is not under control, you need to talk to a healthcare provider may change the dose slightly. You must "run" is not the drug, it is particularly important to always have a good supply on hand to prepare in case he needs.

The earthquake, mainly taken in large doses to save the fast side effects of drugs against asthma, anxiety and irritability, they also have heart problems, and negative, so it is important that you realize your doctor about any health problems that you may have, especially if they are in essence the heart.

Asthma control asthma medication is usually relatively easy, and inhalation, symptoms and attacks, but if very serious, such as drugs, steroids can be taken orally. For Vanceril, Azmacort, including inhalation of Pulmicort, control and AeroBid Joint Flovent drug.

Control of drugs against asthma affecting quality assurance of effective management of your asthma for life, so there is no discount. They work because they have a respiratory infection and swelling, also known as anti-inflammatory known to avoid.

This is the priority when a person with asthma, the need to fight against drugs, they set conditions to ensure that the symptoms and keep asthma attacks at the lowest possible is considered necessary.

Asthma is a shame, but was not sentenced to life imprisonment, and many patients with asthma, a satisfying and productive lives, we find that their asthma is only a minor inconvenience, most of time.


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