Thursday, 3 November 2011

4 Must Know Facts About HIV

by S.Eswara rao

One of the most tragic in the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the lack of reliable and an understanding that most of us seem to have the disease. So we may be exposed to the disease and if they sell to those who stigmatize.

Laws were enacted specifically designed to reduce stigma and discrimination against HIV positive people to avoid, but these laws are not fully achieved in the fight against the problem. It seems that a comprehensive approach is needed not only to the question, the people in your active prevention from birth, but also to ensure that the treatment infected with sensitivity and compassion.

Before this noble goal in mind, we turn to the following facts about HIV to consider.

HIV is only transmitted through the transmission of bodily fluids

HIV can be transmitted from one person to the infection to another person through the exchange of bodily fluids. Therefore, shaking hands with an infected person is not the development of the cause of the infection. Or a hug and a kiss, or even at the headquarters of the result of the HIV-positive in the spread of the virus.

There is some debate about the rights of people with HIV and then to local amenities such as public pools, public baths and even covered with a restaurant and expressed the fear that an opportunity to spread the disease could offer. Fortunately, these concerns were completely unfounded.

The life expectancy of HIV patients has increased

Thank you for the efforts of dedicated and committed doctors and researchers around the world who have worked tirelessly for the HIV virus, people with HIV than ever before to tackle.

Moreover, thanks to advances in radical and frequently used drug for treating the disease, it means that the quality of life of patients significantly improved.

Unfortunately there is no cure for the disease at that time, and it seems that the progress made to date is not far enough advanced to the level of performance.

AIDS and HIV are two different things

A common mistake made by members of the public is obliged to ensure that together to confuse HIV and AIDS to assimilate, as equals. HIV is the stage before the development of AIDS is the final and inevitable result of a patient with HIV.

Gender security practices to prevent HIV

By making sure you always use a condom safe sex practices, can effectively eliminate the risk of spreading HIV. In fact, studies have shown that people with HIV can safely have sex with an infected partner, without suffering through their HIV-negative partner, just to make using a condom. Simple, but effective way, what's wrong to use it?


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