Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brain Tumor - There is A Cure

by S.Eswara rao

To a layman, brain tumor is basically cancer of the brain. Medulloblastoma, ependymoma, glioma, teratoma, teratoid tumor atypical Rhade, etc., the names are associated with different types of brain tumors.

In simple words, the shape of a brain tumor rather than the uncontrolled growth of cells in the brain, a clot. As with any cancer, increase the spread of other tumors of the brain and other body parts. Before the brain tumor or metastases increased as a doctor or oncologist says that a tumor can create havoc in the brain. Our brain, as is well known that controls the body. Any disorder that affects normal functioning of our faculties. Therefore, it depends on the symptoms of brain tumor, where and what is the size of the tumor.

This paper presents a relatively new form of therapy, hope, suffering from a brain tumor can bring.

The ideal goal of any treatment of brain tumors is complete removal of the tumor without recurrence and dissemination. The most common treatment is surgical removal of the tumor. Surgery posts the high risks of damaging even a little of the surrounding structure, tissues or nerves. In addition to conventional surgery, new types of operations are what is known as stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy, gamma knife. These two types of surgery are specific, but are still considered ionizing and invasive, respectively. This article gives the reader a non-surgical, non-ionizing and non-invasive cancer.

This technology is known as commercial or scientific CYTOTRON RFQMR as quantum field theory or the rotation of magnetic resonance. Cytotron born in 2006 after more than a decade of research and development. It was invented by Dr. Vijay Kumar Raja of Bangalore, India. Dr. Kumar is a tissue reengineering scientist. He works with doctors and specialists in the invention of the Cytotron. This technology was first successfully to treat osteoarthritis. For more information on this subject, see my article comes osteoarthritis "- that is curable."

Layman said Cytotron is simplified in the treatment of cancer. The Cytotron uses Radio Frequency and white beam near the tumor or the area of ​​cancer research. What are you trying to achieve Cytotron induce death of cancer cells themselves. This is known as apoptosis in medical terms. Absent in cancer cells, the natural process of death by any means in the cell cycle is not found. With Cytotron is that the natural dying process, without the surrounding healthy cells restored. Dealt with many cases, the results of MRI tests, the goal of halting cancer growth and disappearance of cancer cells is shown.

One of the astonishing success of cancer treatment Cytotron was a 7 year old girl from Ipoh, Perak State, Malaysia. This girl, Ying, was discovered a brain tumor when her parents noticed that he was not able to behave normally and knocked on the things of the house. Her brain tumor led to loss of vision, and if not treated, they are going to die. A year after the tumor was discovered, was 3 to 4 cm, then increased by the increase of an inch in just 4 months. Then he got to 28 consecutive 1-hour treatment with Cytotron. During treatment, his condition Cytotron have already begun to show improvement. 3 months after treatment of magnetic resonance imaging clearly showed that the brains of tumor growth was arrested. Six months later, the tumor broke. Today, at the age of 9 years, returned to school like other children.


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