Friday, 25 November 2011

Easy Ways to Scrunch, Curl, and Wave Your Hair

by S.Eswara rao

He shuddered to confuse curling and waving hair, the easy way to your style. There are many ways to do this and make it look different. Depending on your hair type and how much time you have, you can choose what suits you or you can have a different every day. If you want waves or curls, there are ways to do with her hair.

I will warn you, but thin hair to shrink and harder way. If you want to spend your fine hair requires more work. Some have not even beautiful curls with a curling iron. He shook not be able to work, you may need further work to achieve the desired effect. Dry hair before curling map, it may be difficult, these waves or curls, which he so desperately wanted. If this sounds like your hair, I recommend trying my first choice.

If you are in a crisis, I suggest you start in the morning to get your hair the day before. If you want more wavy hair, the hair roots (for a thick gel, hair mousse for fine hair) and moist french braid crown around the neck. Two French braids best suited to large waves, the decline in the hair, the result is more wavy, when the shaft is more flexible and try a straight line in the middle. If your skills French braid all doing well, you divide your hair into sections 4-6 and a normal at each mask, the mask is so high, the head as possible.

To better see the clips, you can the night before, start with wet hair and apply the product evenly over the hair from root to tip. Then you can divide your hair into four sections. One on each side of the head, ending just behind the ears and behind the division into two equal parts, one above the other. Beside each piece into a bun wrap and secure with a hair tie or clip.

Experiment with different types of bread. Transform your hair wrap it a different look "broken bread" to create. A mess of bread, work you like hair in a ponytail, not just pull the hair all the way, if you roll the hair on your bow hair. To see more rough, hair pulling in the lock of hair again, so start at the bottom of your ponytail, thick locks of hair from his finger again, turn and pull back attached to the hair and repeat until you reach the ends of her hair.

You can also use a diffuser to your hairdryer. The fixture has a circular base, uniform distribution of air in most of the hair. Wet hair and apply the product according to your type of hair, from root to tip, with a Volumizer on the roots of the hair. It is best not comb your hair before you frown when you brush your hair while the conditioner in the bathroom and try to keep you from discomfort while rinsing. Mixed with a towel, kept him in the top of your hair and squeeze when you push your hair to your scalp. With this technique on its head. From there you can spray with hairspray and let it air dry, or switch to the next step.

After completion of the hair with a towel WinCE, take the hair into sections and stacked with diffuser and at low temperatures. If you move the dryer, the better the results. To spray over your hair as you dry, and then edit and your style. Use the dryer on a cool image of styles. This will add shine and help, instead of your style.

All these options give hair more volume and a wavy or curly look you want. Various options for your hair, you can have something that looks like the losing side, jagged funk look. To add a more polished look to your style, you can add a small amount of hair if you are really dry and good for a few curls with a curling iron or straightener.

Try a different style for different visual options and knowing what you do best your hair can suffer. Mix it with a diffuser while your hair in a bun, braids or try your hair, then wrap in a bun. The possibilities are endless, trying different ways until you find what works best for your hair type and routine.


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