Sunday, 27 November 2011

How Is Hair Loss Caused

by S.Eswara rao

Despite the common perception of hair loss is not limited to his own misfortune. Most people naturally lose some of their hair with age. But in the age of lead, hormonal changes and heredity, some people lose more than others. The result may be total or partial baldness, so that men are more likely to experience. So how do I get started? Well, this is the normal life cycle of two to three years and during this cycle, approximately one centimeter per month to grow. More than ninety percent of the hair on the scalp grows steadily, while the remaining ten percent in the resting phase. After 3 to 4 months, the rest falls and new hair starts to grow in their place. Taking into account the natural cycle, it is normal to shed some hair each day. But some people lost more than usual. What causes excessive hair loss?

There are a number of factors can cause temporary hair loss include:

Stress - Stress is a strong sense of clutter in your behavior, skin, nervous system and can even lead to the scalp. People often lose their hair shear stress of illness or major surgery. The good news is that when the stress is usually temporary.
Hormonal Imbalance - A form of hair loss is usually an overactive thyroid or hypo-or imbalance of androgens and estrogens. In most cases, only correcting hormonal imbalances can be avoided.

 Illness or infection - Hair loss can be used as part of an underlying disease such as lupus or diabetes occur with certain infections such as fungal infections of the scalp. Hair loss caused by illness or infection can be cured if the disease or to treat infection.
Drugs - drugs or blood thinners for arthritis, high blood pressure, depression or heart problems can cause hair loss.
Hairstyles - Hair styles that pull your hair (such as braids, ponytails or tight coils) can be called a kind of loss traction alopecia leads. When the train stopped before scarring of the scalp, the hair will grow back to normal.

To respond to one of the categories to meet, there is a good chance that you fall into the category mentioned "common baldness". "Male pattern baldness is the most common genetic trait in men starts with a receding hairline and baldness on the crown of the head.

There are various treatments for hair loss shampoos on the market today and conditioners, portable laser machine. What you choose is very important that you seek professional help in choosing a treatment specifically designed for your lifestyle and situation. Look for a company that has a good history and specializes in permanent hair removal for destruction. For those who suffer from excessive hair loss, hair transplant may be needed. Of course, hair loss surgery and less invasive procedures are developed, the result of natural growth of hair to promote.


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