Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How to Get to Sleep: Relaxation Techniques

by S.Eswara rao

There are proven methods to relax the body and mind to help sleep.

Try to do this is a dark, quiet room - relaxation would be difficult to achieve with the lighting and the sound of heavy metal.

This article should help you get a good night sleep you deserve dedicated! If you can not sleep do not really know how to sleep or you just have a hard time falling into the night, this article will help you relax and get a good night.

As the No. 1 bed, relaxed breathing

Lying in bed in a comfortable position, most people feel more comfortable in the back, but he was most comfortable for you.

Pay attention to your natural breathing, and not force the breath or the rate of respiration, but to breathe naturally and take a moment to focus on its natural rhythm of breathing.

There were a few moments, no more than a minute or two and let you breathe.

Step # 2 is, as you relax your body after your breathing relaxed.

How do I get to No. 2 bed, to relax the body

Now it's time to get the large muscle groups tense to relax during the day.

Starting with his hands in fists, balls, not too tight, but tight enough to feel a stretch in your forearms, slowly release and feel the tension in the muscles to perform.

Now the arms, each arm alternately bend the elbow to biceps and slowly release tension, the tension drain away.

With legs straight, toes balls for a few seconds, then slowly let the tension and drainage. Now you can show your toes in a few seconds and then relax again. Opinion of the tension drain from your legs. Now the opposite is the case, point your toes toward you. Hold a few seconds and then slowly and let the tension drain from your legs.

Now, roll neck, slow down your neck from left to right in seconds. Slide the release head on the pillow for a few seconds, then slowly.

Complete relaxation exercises to slow breathing for a few minutes.


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