Sunday, 27 November 2011

Overcome Insomnia For Physical And Mental Health

by S.Eswara rao

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying in a position to sleep and insomnia for most people will occur from time to time. The loss of a good night in concentration and performance the next day, but it does not conflict with the needs, whether it is a temporary condition of attention, such as caring for sick relatives. However, the cost of insomnia, constant, with three or more times a week from time to time in terms of physical and mental health.

Although no known cases of death, so the insomnia, the body breaks for recovery and chronic insomnia, fatigue stop the process that causes a negative effect on daytime activities. No need of people still suffer from this debilitating disease, because there are several ways to overcome insomnia.

The first step in treating insomnia is the root cause analysis. One of the most common type of sleep disturbance in today's busy world, caused by stress, tension or anxiety. This can often cause problems in the process of thinking, worries about the problem of the day or time.

If this happens, immediately get up and make a written list of all the things in your head, go back to bed and let your mind relax, knowing that this list will help you understand the problem in the future. Never try to force sleep, letting the rest of you have done everything possible for tomorrow.

If because of illness or physical symptoms such as indigestion sleep, fight them before the rest of your cause. In serious or chronic illness, physician visits, but relief is often available at the counter treatments such as lotions, antacids or painkillers available. If insomnia is caused by external factors such as sound or light can be cured easily done. If any light does not bother you, a block with the feel of a dark room. If your partner snores, then try another room, or try an anti-snoring. Often the use of white noise, block noise, such as driving a fan or soft music.

Established are a few tips to help overcome insomnia, easy to implement in your life. It is important to schedule regular, because the body likes routine and generally consistent behavior. The room should be provided for sleeping, watching TV or working on laptops. This may help to read the book but do not choose an interesting page Turner. In return, the alarm in her eyes ever thought about what time it is and not worry about sleep.

When you lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle, can help a few minutes light exercise or just for half an hour before bed, your body is ready to rest. Hot drink before bedtime can have a relaxing effect, but only choose milk or tea, and all contain caffeine which is very interesting, or alcohol, which can make you drowsy, but often cause insomnia, waking up after the alcohol is broken. A snack before bedtime can be useful but is a protein snack, such as stew, cottage cheese, eggs or nuts, especially cashews, which contain acids that promote sleep. Melatonin supplements can contribute to a normal sleep pattern.

After doing the above to give your body time to adjust to new routines. But if insomnia is still a problem, contact your doctor prescribes them for advice or assistance, and sleeping pills should be used sparingly because it can be very addictive and does not provide the same strength refreshing natural sleep.


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