Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Signs Of Pregnancy - What To Expect

by S.Eswara rao

You think you are pregnant? Check for signs of pregnancy, so do not be surprised if you receive unusual changes in the body. A list of all the early symptoms of pregnancy will give you an idea if you are pregnant, but some of these symptoms do not occur in the hand, or it may seem. You will see several characters and emotional changes during pregnancy. This may include any of the characters below.

Absence of menstruationThis must be the most obvious sign of pregnancy and alarming. Some women may experience only mild weather. If this is not a reliable sign because it may also indicate health problems, lack of menstruation is a good indicator of pregnancy. In addition, you can not feel any of the other signs of pregnancy until you look, you've lost your period.
The depletionThis is described as quite suddenly. This symptom is considered by experts to be caused by increased levels of the hormone progesterone, which also contributes to their dream. If you want suddenly to take a nap, you may be pregnant.
Nausea and vomitingThis symptom may occur at any time. Most pregnant women suffer from this sign of pregnancy by about 4 weeks after conception, but can also occur very early. Now may appear two weeks after conception and usually disappear at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. To reduce the discomfort it causes, try to have frequent small meals during the day, eating crackers or toast, or drink fruit juice.
Breast tendernessA breast that is tender, it is also a common sign of pregnancy. The discomfort you feel in your chest is tight with both what you see before your period, but better. After 12 weeks, significantly reduced discomfort you feel because your body has learned to adapt to new hormonal changes.
Cravings and aversionsThis is not an independent preliminary symptoms, but this is often in early pregnancy. When the request came with other symptoms, there is a high probability that you are really pregnant. This symptom is very common for new moms often find acceptable or tasting a pleasant smell and overwhelming at the beginning of pregnancy. The sense of taste is changing.
Frequent urinationIn most pregnant women can urinate often appear very soon, within two weeks after conception. The highlight of this pregnancy symptom occurs during the third quarter. Often, urinating more than usual because the uterus compresses more and more of the bladder, causing frequent urination during pregnancy.
A positive pregnancy testPregnancy begins shortly after conception, so you must first confirm with a pregnancy test and if positive, an appointment with your doctor to confirm the good news. You can then use the article on how to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy reading.


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