Thursday, 10 November 2011

What is Dehydration And How Do I Prevent It?

by S.Eswara rao

We often hear the word and know in a general sense of what it means - not enough water, your body is dehydrated. But we know the symptoms, causes and treatments for this disease is all too familiar? dehydration as something that is described in "occurs when you lose more fluids you drink and your body has enough water and other liquids to their normal functions." The body has a certain amount of liquid to work or function normally. When the body experiences dehydration, the most serious. For many, however, mild to moderate dehydration.

In general, dehydration with the disease, such as when connected to vomiting or diarrhea or other flu symptoms. These symptoms cause the body to lose water at the same time, in many cases prevents the body sufficient to supplement lost fluids.

Moreover, dehydration after a heavy workout or training experience, especially if an adequate fluid intake is not practiced.

To prevent dehydration during exercise, drink regularly is important, during and after exercise. Hydration for Exercise helps the body form, reserves, while the fluid intake during and after exercise to help replace fluids lost during exercise.

If dehydration is difficult, people should check with your doctor or go to an emergency room. Severe dehydration caused by excessive thirst, lack of sweat, urine, little or nothing, and tachycardia, characterized, among other symptoms, according to

Water or sports drinks are a good source of fluids to prevent dehydration. Both help the body to hydrate. Dehydration can worsen if not pay enough to pay for their symptoms and causes. It is important, in harmony with the body knows from the beginning, when the symptoms appear, and what to do to treat the symptoms.


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