Saturday, 19 November 2011

What Is Plastic Surgery and Types of Treatment?

by S.Eswara rao

"Plastic" The word comes from Greek and means "plastikos" to change shape. Today, plastic surgeons known to perform cosmetic surgery, but his skills are used in many other areas.

Trauma surgery

Wars have always been a very rich area for the development of plastic surgery, and much of the heavy plastic surgeon victims of medical trauma. Tissue damage of skin and soft caused by vehicles, engines or motors burn and repair damaged tendons and microsurgery of nerves and blood vessels are made by surgeons.

The hand surgery

Hand surgery is a major sub-specialty of plastic surgery and workload, as well as severe trauma, diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis affecting the hand is considered by plastic surgeons.

Treatment of burns

Burn surgery is another major sub-specialty of plastic surgery. While only other deformities caused by burns scars were treated by plastic surgeons in the U.S., UK, burn patients are treated exclusively by plastic surgeons. It goes from the initial resuscitation, often by a transplant hospital is skin intensive and other methods of skin replacement and rehabilitation after surgery and a second surgery for burn scar.

Cancer Reconstruction

Plastic surgeons have an important role in reconstruction after resection of cancer. To remove skin cancer from all areas of the body, and often with other surgical specialties to complete the reconstruction of head and neck and chest.

Congenital malformations

Plastic surgeons are working hard to correct birth defects such as cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial malformations, with, and the error inherent in the hand and genitourinary malformations such as hypospadias (an abnormal opening of the 'male urethra).

Plastic surgery

Finally there is the aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. This is the place that most public of Plastic Surgeons. While cosmetic surgery is a specialty in itself, involved in the aesthetic and functional result is a recurring theme in all areas where plastic surgeons are involved. The surgical technique and meticulous attention to detail is a feature that plastic surgeons are known to all sub-specialties.

The area is covered by plastic surgery can be divided into procedures for face and body contours. Surgery procedures include face facial aging, such as increasing the eyebrows, the upper and lower eyelids (eyelid surgery) and facial rejuvenation and neck (facelift). Other methods include the height of the chin or cheeks, rhinoplasty surgery (rhinoplasty), or to correct protruding ears.

Body contouring procedures are generally performed in the thorax, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.


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