Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cancer and Tumors - The Conquerable Viruses

by S.Eswara rao

Several years ago I met a woman whose mother has a medical problem that requires surgery, but doctors are unable to work because he has a tumor that would take their chances of surviving the operation. Your doctor has tried everything he knew to shrink the tumor before without success.

I have an answer. I am very familiar with the writings and work of a charlatan, who left the country to treat people with natural resources, some of which were left for dead, and had practiced the use of medicinal preparations led by his book on healing, herbal Back to Eden. The herbalist, Jethro Kloss says in his book that his parents were diagnosed with a cancer factor, not the flowers of red clover tea. The flowers of red clover tea postman, like water and live in the good old days. It should not be operational.

My friend was so desperate for a cure for his mother, who took red clover blossoms, without asking. His mother did, and religion to drink tea. The doctor was very surprised when the tumor is small, it can not be reduced by a powerful pharmaceutical drugs available to them. The operation went as planned, despite many months later than planned due to lack of drugs to tumors, a safe size. It is interesting to me to observe that the time it took the flowers of red clover to make your work much shorter than the time the doctor tried to shrink the tumor with a few modern medicine.

Are you aware that many dairy cows that produce milk sold in supermarkets now have cancer? Fifteen years ago, told me that the owner of the health food store that used cow's milk, even the expensive health food store milk, some organic, began to show signs of cancer . Surprisingly, the cows do not live in red clover blossoms cancer.

In his book Back to Eden, Jethro Kloss compliment blue violet (Viola cuculata - there are other phyla Viola) recognized as a drug for cancer and said that Violet Blue is particularly useful in combination with red clover and vervain. If I had a blue grass, purple, the day my friend introduced me to his mother, he was given when I realized that the flowers of red clover and blue-purple set is a strong partner. Viola cuculata known for its resistance against the tumor. If you have a copy of the redemption of Eden, see Blue Violet. You will be surprised at the nature of diseases and disorders can cope with this wonderful herb.


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