Saturday, 10 December 2011

Health Tips of Tea

by S.Eswara rao

The tea has great health benefits. In fact, the only drink that is so beneficial to us as water.

There are different kinds of tea: black, green and black tea, oolong and herbal. Herbal teas are made from leaves, stems or roots of plants and contain no caffeine. Most of these properties have important health, too much to really go beyond the short session. They are derived from herbs. One of the most useful herbal tea, is that ginger can help with digestive problems and can solve problems and gastrointestinal diseases.

Black and oolong teas are not known or popular in that country. White tea is made from tea leaves from a young age. Fermentation oolong tea from the leaves of the tea is ready.

Black tea leaves are used fully fermented. This is the most popular in Europe and found mainly in the British Isles. It was featured in the famous Boston Tea Party. There are some health benefits of drinking black tea, but compared to much less to green tea. Black tea contains the highest amount of caffeine of all teas. But it's only a quarter of what is contained in a cup of coffee.

Green tea is made from a fermented tea leaves from a mature plant. It's a bit of caffeine in green tea, but there are other chemicals in green tea, that most of the effects of the denial of caffeine, and only the most sensitive to the effects of tea without caffeine feeling.

It's all phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals found in green tea is green tea healthy.The secret is that it is rich in polyphenols, catechins, especially epigallocatechin gallate-3. EGCG for short, inhibits the growth of cancer cells and may kill cancer cells that already exist. It is also effective in reducing LDL-cholesterol and blood clots. These and other nutrients to fight malaria accounts for 30% of the dry weight of tea!

Thermogenic properties of green tea can help stubborn on a plateau in weight loss and weight loss has been shown to help. Women have to do with this, because green tea reduces the risk of dying from a disease, especially in terms of weight, 10 to 40%! Green tea also reduces insulin resistance in diabetics. In fact, there is little that green tea can not be done.

Do you have a cup of tea, health drinks great!


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