Monday, 16 January 2012

Chocolate and Wine Are Good for You?

by S.Eswara rao

When the holidays roll, recent studies are aware of the nutritional value of a vacation is tempting given. The benefits of red wine and chocolate interviewed by the media and is also good for you, based on the antioxidant properties. We want to hear this news. This allows us to ease our conscience in all nature and all the Christmas goodies to enjoy peace. We can, however, the antioxidant delights of the label to use as well? How effective indulgences such as chocolate and red wine in maintaining our health?

A chocolate company in Britain called prestativo latest production as an antioxidant-rich chocolate + Chox. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals with an additional, very tasty chocolate that has been said, was part of a balanced diet. The company recommends two parts Chox + one day, all the antioxidants you need. They say: "You will never feel guilty again to enjoy chocolate." Red wine is another benefit that is promoted for their antioxidant properties. Compounds such as resveratrol in red wine and has proven during antigen. Some researchers have proposed two glasses of red wine a day to an adequate level of antioxidants to maintain.

Promote products and demonstrates the usefulness and the repetition or waiver of any discomfort. This is part of an effective marketing. Can a chocolate bar, as large amounts of saturated fat and high calorie advertised? Not think twice about drinking a soda with a major label, that "a high level of corn syrup, high fructose," said? Many advertisers are not aware of these negative aspects in the promotion of the address of the product, knowing that soon your product. Rather than show together one or two key benefits and spoon feed the message to tell us. Since we have not heard of it is negative, it is assumed that a number of good points to the product less.

The data were also torn out of context and inappropriate to the exclusive jurisdiction of the antioxidants to take. Randomized controlled trials with antioxidants have not shown significant results, and some have shown adverse effects. Health benefits-General may in fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants to see, but if antioxidants are the only cause of these services. The positive results of these studies have led to a simplification of natural antioxidants, and we have everything the label contains anti-oxidants, such as 'healthy'. Free radicals from phagocytes to destroy invading pathogens, but it means that food should promote free radicals?

Our body is a complex network of interconnected systems that sequence of events that will maintain a delicate balance needed, and it's hard to be a part of a system can be found without the other. Balance is the key. Antioxidants are probably good for our bodies, but the icon is not in perfect health. Similar benefits of chocolate and alcoholic beverages are not healthy. While you enjoy the holidays, okay, the antioxidant properties of chocolate in his own convictions used another piece of sweet goodness, but remember that antioxidants only one piece of the puzzle that make up a complete picture of health.


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