Sunday, 1 January 2012

Melt The Fat and Fortify the Muscles

by S.Eswara rao

Are you trying to lose weight? Take the planning and a balanced diet in your weight loss program? Or a calorie restriction about super diet or low carb? If so, chances are that your muscles to burn energy instead of fat. The loss of muscle too much is dangerous and can be fatal. Did you know that your heart is a muscle? This statement is an alarm in your head?

Your body is like a motor to operate the fuel consumption. The engine is muscular. The fuel is fat, carbohydrates (glucose) and protein in certain circumstances. When fat is burned, ketones in the blood and urine.

Some people mistakenly believe ketones is a miracle that melts body fat ... no matter how much you eat. Simply not true. Ketones are the result of fat metabolism. Their presence indicates that you burn fat.

Ketones are the result of fat metabolism in the body. They are formed when fat is used for energy in the muscles. They are called ketones, acids. There are three types of acids produced. Beta-hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetic acid and acetone. Your role in your body that do not require you to be a chemist.

Ketone concentrations in humans, eating foods low in carbohydrates is almost normal. That should tell you that ketone bodies produced by the burn plan, do not eat much in the way instead of burning fat and muscles of the risk. People lose weight low carb diets, because they are an important source of food groups, eat what you cut. As a result, they have to take less calories.

Fat is a fuel with high octane number. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, while glucose only four calories per gram, you get more energy per gram of fat burned. But there's a catch to burn fat.

In order to properly burn fat, with very few "out", please, glucose (carbohydrates) are activated. When glucose is not available for fuel, ketone bodies generated when burning muscle, fat.

Thin people burn fat people to lose weight work, and people, energy, glucose is rapidly depleted exercise. It is then carried in the blood ketones. Higher levels of ketones in the rule for a couple of hours after the event of the year.

Balsamic vinegar, if not used within five hours that the body normally separates acetone in the urine or breath. Again, it leaves a fruity odor or acetone odor of alcohol, the body is through breathing. This should not be confused with type I diabetes and ketoacidosis.

A popular idea of ​​ketones and controlled consumption of carbohydrates is that suppresses appetite. Some researchers believe that excess fat a person eats, while low in carbohydrates, a satisfactory effect, so less food. Then there are the experts who have high levels of ketones cause of an attribute of decreased appetite. And finally there are those who believe that high protein intake suppresses appetite. Until now, research on the effect of ketones on appetite is not convincing.

It should be clear now, increase your activity, your business and the start of glucose available, production of ketone bodies to burn fat for energy lower. The best way to get your long ketone bodies may be increased by exercise


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