Friday, 6 April 2012

hair tips that you do not want to miss!

by S.Eswara rao

With a hair healthy, shiny and thick the dream of almost everyone. To this end, many were prepared using one hundred thousand dollars to compensate. With a few tips that you can get without spending a lot of beautiful palaces. This article is for women and men. Who loves to get free advice for fine hair are encouraged to read this article.

Tip  1: wash

If the scalp is very oily, you may be tempted lot of shampoo. Newsflash: In addition to spending your money, this is not the proper way to clean the hair. Excessive use of shampoo cause watery eyes, tangles, mats and drought. The structure of the rest of the shampoo will also lead to swelling of the cuticles. It is better to spend less on shampoo.

Tip  2: Conditioning

Coats conditioning your hair against the threat of chemical or products containing the extreme heat of dryers and curlers. Need not apply conditioner to the hair roots. Because the roots of the natural oils to produce, are more chains (ie, from below the ears) that need special care. The application of a sensitive scalp conditioner is not recommended, because these substances can cause acne or lay his head.

Tip 3: Brush

The best boar bristle brush made. There are actually quite expensive, but can be one of your best investments. If more than one closed, the brush, bending, and starts from the neck, rather than the traditional top-down method. Do not brush hair when wet, because the roots are the most vulnerable period. Wait until completely dry before brushing.

Tip 4: wear wigs and extensions

Like his real hair, even the artificial counterpart, should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt. If your regular shampoo and conditioner is too hard on the device, a substance diluted in water and a spray bottle for cleaning separately. Also useful for a large pool, where you turn the wig.

Tip 5: Loss of hair

Thinning hair (or a receding hairline in men) are the most annoying problems you may have. Painless, but certainly not reduce their confidence in themselves. The wearing of wigs, extensions, or implants, is a shortcut to the problem. But if you have more power and longer lasting results, as, try products and hair care and natural ingredients such as tea, mustard, olive oil, aloe vera and jojoba oil.


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