Tuesday, 21 August 2012

11 Super and more Effective Weight Loss Strategies

by eswar santhati


Weight loss is not as simple as many people try to do, but not really difficult. You just need the right information, and commitment to the goals happen. There are many strategies available to lose weight, or as many call it, "getting started". Have you ever wondered where to start? Here is a list of eleven strategies for weight loss, which gives quick results in combination.

  • Août drink 10 glasses of water a day. Water is one of the most overlooked fat loss "supplements" in the world. Hydrate your body free of toxins, which makes you full and give you energy. 
  • Eating 1200-1500 calories per day. Counting calories is important. Weight gain occurs when you consume more calories burned, while weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. Eat a lot of food, and then leave.
  • Eat less saturated fat. Fat has nine calories per gram carbohydrates or proteins oppose, they are only four calories per gram. Eating protein that is clean, eat protein with less saturated fat is healthy and is easier to cut calories.
  • Cut down on sugar. Sorry, but soda and candy to go. Replace it with fruit, and can satisfy your sweet tooth while its vitamins, fiber and energy.
  • Shot six times a day. The human body can only 500 calories in three hours. Distribution of meals to increase your metabolism permanently digestive system. The dusk will disappear, and you will never go hungry.
  • Fiberglass crazy. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables every fiber. Not only digestion but will increase your metabolism, because these foods digest slowly Fiber makes you feel full and cleanse the body. You also need at least 25 grams of fiber per day.
  • Take your vitamins "B". Vitamin Vitamin B-1 and B-12 are important energy metabolism, causing the water vapor during the day. Take them in the morning, or take a lower dose during lunch.
  • Do your strength training. Muscle is a fat burning furnace! Work your muscles will cause your body is in repair mode, all day. This increases your metabolism more than most other strategies. Just tips on how to make a good coach or join a good program or exercise video. Half an hour three times a week.
  • Have heart. Do it every day, preferably in the morning or after your strength training. Pull force pounds during the course of the day, but cardio is good now.
  • Get one hour of exercise per day. It is ideal for intensive use in their weight loss efforts. At a time of day that makes resistance training cardio forward. When the time to do at least thirty minutes, and it's better than zero minutes.
  • Make it a lifestyle. Set weekly goals, monthly and quarterly, but in the long run. Commit to a new lifestyle, not just a weight loss strategy temporarily, because if you do you helped stop weight loss, you can get it.
  • Losing weight should not be too difficult. These eleven strategies have stood the test of time. They resort to fad diets and quick fixes to rest, and the results are fast. Strategies are healthy and balanced diet. The dedication and knowledge is king. Eating the right foods, watch your calories, take your vitamins, exercise, and do not look back, and you will have better health.


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