Tuesday, 21 August 2012

5 Simple Anti Aging Exercise Tips

by eswar santhati

Exercise is one of the most valuable elements of a long and healthy life. Here are 5 simple tips exercise anti aging, which increases your endurance and your workout more effective.

  • First Avoid sugar, two hours before an intense workout. This includes fruit, candy and sugary drinks such as Gatorade. Your blood sugar will skyrocket, falls below the normal average, about an hour after ingestion of sugar. Low power consumption, dizziness, headache, nausea and fatigue are common side effects of sugar for training. In the fight against aging effective exercise, place the sugar until the train.
  • Second Make sure you get enough protein. Protein is very important in the fight against aging and exercise to optimize your muscles to grow. Very obvious to people more active, but some health-conscious athletes stay away from red meat and dairy products. If you normally avoid meat and dairy products that you have enough protein by adding tuna, tofu, soy protein or other to your diet every day.
  • 3rd Weighing yourself before and after exercise. When you are finished working, drinking enough water to keep their weight reduced to pre-exercise. Remember, dark urine means you are dehydrated. Water is essential for anti aging exercise is beneficial, removes toxins from your system and hydrate your body. When you're older, you have a greater risk of dehydration because it is less likely to notice that you are dehydrated. Try to double the amount you drink now and see how it feels.
  • 4th Do not starve. If you are trying to lose weight, try changing your diet scrap of tasty fruits and vegetables with sauce. You will be amazed at how healthy food taste! Remember that 80% of weight loss is associated with a diet that not only anti-aging exercise, but you should do yourself a favor just starving. Eat a healthy diet and taking small steps towards their weight loss goals.
  • 5th Take at least one day a week throughout the year. You must be a day of complete rest your body time to recover. Try something relaxing or meditating on this day to keep your mind empty. Think of it as your mind exercise every day. Its anti-aging exercise feels easier after your day. Many people use every day have learned to live with a constant feeling of fatigue, pain and persistent, you want to live? Take care of your body and learn all about health and exercise if you can.
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