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Advanced Yoga Poses

by Anonymous

Innovative Yoga exercises Postures

Crow Pose
Also known as the crane present, this is one of the advanced yoga positions that help in building up the arms, arms and stomach of the yoga specialist.

    1)Take a position with your legs curved at shoulder distance. Place your arms smooth on the floor. Extend yourself while doing this.
    2)Stability your curved legs on the returning of your arms. Begin raising your go while going yourself ahead and controlling the bodyweight of your system on your arms.
    3)Raise you above the floor so that only your arms are in contact with the earth.

Eka Pada Galavasana
Flying Crow Pose
This is one of the advanced yoga presents that needs you to begin with vrikshasana or shrub present, wherein one needs to face on one leg, with the folded leg in contact with the inner higher leg area of the leg you are controlling yourself on. The traveling crow present not only allows strengthen the arms but also allows in enhancing balance.

  1.     Take a position in the shrub present, on your remaining leg and then move your right leg from the relaxing position on the inner higher leg to position the ankle of the right leg on the remaining joint
  2. Extend ahead, relaxing your arms on the floor, and flexing your remaining leg. Now move your right leg in such a way that your right leg feet are covered around your higher remaining arm.
  3. Then try to position your system in such a way that your hand are curved and heels are in contact with the floor. It should look like you are coming out of a push-up.
  4. Now this is the tricky bodyweight, where you will have to balance the bodyweight of your system on your higher half, while raising the remaining leg off the earth. The move in bodyweight has to be gradual as you straighten up your remaining leg. Your right leg will continue to be hooked around your remaining arm.
  5. You can the do it again this with other part.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
Pigeon Pose
This is one of the advanced yoga exercises, wherein you need to begin with the position from the downwards experiencing dog position in which the only parts of your system relaxing smooth on the floor are your arms and feet and the rest of your system forms a pyramid like structure. This particular present allows in building up your hip and legs.
  1.     Perform the downwards experiencing dog and then go into a down dog divided, in which you will have to take the right leg up-wards. Now bend the right leg at the joint and move it ahead, outside the right part.   
  2. Now, carry both your feet towards the earth slowly, one at a time, keeping the right leg curved at the joint. Let your remaining leg be absolutely in contact with the earth, in a divided like position. Keep your breasts immediately.    
  3. Now do it again the present on the other part.

Eagle Pose
This present is an excellent yoga position if you are looking at helping the versatility and strength of your leg muscles, especially your hip and legs and calves.
  1.     Take a position immediately and then move into the utkatasana position or the chair position. In    this present, your human demands to look like you are seated on a chair with your arms extended in an outward direction.
  2.     Shift your bodyweight onto your right leg. After that increase your remaining leg and cover your  remaining higher leg around your right higher leg, with your remaining base around your right calf.
  3.     Bring your arms in front of your system and cover your right part around your left-hand and then join your arms.
  4.     Repeat the present on the other part.

Monkey Pose
For all practical purposes, this present is in all likeness, a divided but it is the way in which you move into the present that allows in building up your hamstrings.
  1.     Kneel on the floor placing your hip and legs exactly verticle with respect to the earth.
  2.     Now, move your right leg ahead, extending it out, ensuring that the heel of the right base rests on the earth.
  3.     Once you are able to balance yourself on this position, slide your right leg ahead, extending out your remaining leg behind you. Continue this till you have absolutely stretched out your remaining leg as well.

King Dancer Pose
Named after the dance God of Hindu mythology, this is one of the many advanced yoga presents that allows in building up your feet and enhancing balance.
  1.     For this present, you need to begin with the position from the tadasana present, wherein you stand immediately with you together and your arms outstretched above your go.
  2.     Extend your remaining leg at the joint and hold the inside of your remaining leg with your left-hand. Now move your remaining base up-wards towards the ceiling. As you do this, move your right part up-wards and breasts ahead. Hold this position and then do it again with the other leg.

Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana
Revolved Half Moon Pose
This advanced yoga present needs to be done after doing a trikonasana, wherein you will need to face with your feet far apart, one base experiencing in an outward direction and the other returning and forth. Now bend your system towards the base that is experiencing returning and forth, going lack of up-wards, extending it fully. Now turn your face to look up-wards. Try to move your part as much towards the earth as possible.
  1.     Do the trikonasana, with your remaining base experiencing returning and forth. Now relax your right leg slightly and carry your right part down. Move your left-hand, a base ahead of the right part, with the palm smooth on the earth.
  2.     Straighten the right leg, while going the remaining leg to reach a position similar to the earth.
  3.     Once you have balanced yourself, turn your torso to the right part and expand your right part up-wards. Do this on the other part.

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana
Compass Pose
This is one of the advanced yoga presents that firms your hamstrings, the position also allows in helping the versatility of one's returning.
  1.     Begin by seated in the cross-legged position and then bend the right joint. Once you have curved your joint, hug it to your chest.
  2.     Unbend your remaining leg and outstretch it. Raise up the right leg holding it with your left-hand. Your right part has to be covered under your right joint. Raise your right joint as high as possible. The left-hand should be placed at outside the right base.
  3.     Straighten your right leg as much as possible while taking your left-hand behind your go. Repeat on the other side

Pincha Mayurasana
Forearm Stand
This yoga position is, without doubt, one of the best advanced yoga arm balances, which also allows in helping the strength of returning, stomach and returning. You may have to take the support of a walls initially to help you balance.
  1.     Take a position experiencing a walls. Place your arms smooth on the earth. Now bend your hand so as to form a right angle between your arms and higher arms.
  2.     Now move into the downwards experiencing dog position, which has been explained earlier in this article. Move you as close to your arms as possible.
  3.     Extend one of your feet at the joint and using this curved joint as a crutch, kick up the other leg. Your go has to stay off the earth at all times. If you are able to get both your feet up-wards, you should try to remove you from their balance on the walls.

Salamba Sirsasana
This is one of the few advanced yoga presents, wherein the bodyweight of your system has to be balanced by your go. This position is very similar to the hand stand.
  1.     Kneel down on the earth with your arms placed on the floor, just underneath the returning and the legs under the waist.
  2.     Place your arms on the earth and interlace the fingertips of both arms. Place your go on the earth, on your interlaced fingertips.
  3.     Transfer to the downwards experiencing dog position and move you towards your go, until your waist are over returning.
  4.     Now try to kick your leg up-wards. Try to balance the bodyweight between your arms, returning, go and neck.

Firefly Pose
This yoga position firms the arms, returning and arms while helping a specialist expand his/her hamstrings.
  1.     Take a squatting position with your feet wide apart. Place your arms smooth on the earth under you.
  2.     Extend your hand backwards you should shifting your bodyweight to your arms. Now lift you off the earth taking them similar to the floor.
  3.     Once you have straightened your feet absolutely, straighten up your arms making them verticle with respect to the earth.

Scorpion Pose
This present needs you to invert your system and allows in toughening returning, abdominal and returning muscles.

    For this position, you need to begin with from the hand stand that has been described earlier.
    Once you have obtained the present, start flexing your legs. Now increase your go, while bringing you near your go. Obviously to carry you close to your go you will need to do a back-bend. Ensure that you keep your legs apart and your feet together.

These yoga presents can be difficult to master and should be tried only if one has obtained a certain proficiency in basic yoga presents for beginners. Yoga exercises positions if done without supervision or adequate knowledge can result in severe injuries and cause problems that can last lifelong. So, if you want to gain from the many benefits of yoga it is advisable to join a proper yoga class with a reputed instructor who can teach you the correct way to master these advanced yoga presents. Because at the end of the day like Shri Krishna Pattabhi Jois, a famous yoga teacher said, "Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory"; unless you constantly practice these positions, reading about them is not going to make sense.


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