Friday, 24 August 2012

Typical Kinds of Hair loss In Women

by eswar santhati

Suffering from hair loss is of excellent importance to many men but is harmful for females and can cause to an excellent loss in self respect. Women are assessed so much more on appearance than men and the excellent need for females to have the ideal system, ideal epidermis, large, stunning hair, etc. If you are experiencing hair loss as a woman, you are not alone and there are many treatments available. But before treating the issue, it is important to determine the kind you are dealing with.

To get to the root of the issue, you will need to have a conversation with a skin specialist, a specialist in this place or many other doctors if you are not getting the help you need because while there is a lot of analysis for men hair problems, analysis into hair loss in females is still very little and you may need to do some of your own analysis. Thank benefits for the internet which is a fantastic resource for information and support on this issue.

The Reason For Locks Reduction In Women

All females are born with androgens which are the men androgenic hormone or testosterone responsible for hair loss and loss in men but females also have oestrogen which is the women hormonal agent that counter functions the activity of androgens. However, because of the presence of the men androgenic hormone or testosterone, every women has the possibility of experiencing some hair loss at some point in life.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a way of the men hormonal agent androgenic hormone or testosterone is what causes hair loss as it strikes hair hair foillicle and reduces them making it impossible for healthy development resulting in loss and hairless areas. Many factors can cause to this such as age, stress, sickness, genetics, etc.

Typical Kinds of Locks Reduction In Women

1. Hair loss areata is a kind of hair loss in females that causes small hairless areas on various areas of the head. These areas often feel very sleek to the touch since there is completely no hair in the place where there was once hair.

2. Hair loss totalis is a severe way of alopecia areata that causes total hair loss on the head or system when our bodies strangely strikes all hair hair pores.

3. Grip alopecia outcomes from certain hairdressing methods such as dressed in limited maize lines, limited ponytails, limited braids, etc, that pull at hair hair pores and sometimes taking hair right out of hair hair foillicle. This can irritate hair hair foillicle resulting in slower hair development and a lack of hair growing out of hair development especially along hair line.

4. Telogen effluvian symbolizes excessive amounts of hair losing which is often experienced by females after a maternity or sickness. New development will usually substitute this shed hair after a time period.

5. Anogen effluvian is hair loss that outcomes from going through radiation treatment.

6. Characteristic alopecia outcomes from infection of the head or epidermis, anxiety, disease, etc.

7. Rubbing alopecia outcomes from dressed in too limited hairpieces or caps which can be treated once these habits are ceased.

8. Cicatricial alopecia outcomes from scarring damage on the head due to many reasons such as hot hair oil burning the head. When there is scars, there is not chance of hair being able to create in this place.


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