Friday, 24 August 2012

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

by Anonymous

Basic Yoga Exercises: Chart

Yoga Pose/Exercise Benefits/Body Areas Targeted
Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose Lower back, spine, chest, lungs, abdomen
Matsyasana or Fish Pose Upper back, neck, chest muscles
Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose Spine, chest, lungs, neck, shoulders
Marjariasana or Cat Pose Relieves stiffness in spine and back
Balasana or Child Pose Stretches and relaxes hips, thighs, back, spine
Navasana or Boat Pose Strengthens the spine, abdominal muscles and hip flexors
Virasana or Hero Pose Stretches thighs, legs, knees. Improves digestion
Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward-facing Dog Pose Stretches shoulders, hamstrings, calves. Calms the brain
Utkatasana or Chair Pose Strengthens spine, calves, arms, thighs. Stimulates the diaphragm
Halasana or Plow Pose Strengthens neck, abdominal muscles, spine.
Padmasana or Lotus Pose Stretches knees, ankles. Stimulates the spine, pelvis, abdomen
Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend Stretches spine, hamstrings, back. Relieves stress and anxiety.
Garudasana or Eagle Pose Stretches hips, thighs, calves, shoulders, upper back. Improves body balance.
Ardha Matsyendrasana or Half Lord of the Fish Pose Stretches hips, thighs, shoulders and neck. Strengthens the spine.

Due to visible, visible, and space restrictions, I repent to say that it will not be possible to describe or describe any of these yoga work out presents or workouts. Do not get dissatisfied though, as the Internet is packed with lots of free information on yoga work out, and that too with specific explanations and guidelines.

The Suryanamaskara or the Sun salutation work out is another very excellent yoga work out workouts for newbies. It is a full-body workout and is very excellent for your overall health and well-being. As mentioned in the above data, the Bhujangasana, Marjariasana and the Navasana are effective in treating returning issues and returning issues. However, if you have a history of serious returning issues, then it is recommended that you perform these asanas totally under the assistance or assistance of a qualified yoga work out trainer.


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