Monday, 31 October 2011

6 Natural Ways to Cure Asthma - Cure Asthma Remedies

by S.Eswara rao

Asthma is a disease that takes your breath away, if not prevented in the first phase. Today is a man in a healthy environment that many new diseases, new ways to penetrate your body gives you. It is also unhealthy with the stress of work he and the food is the admission. It is bad in many obsessions, such as alcohol, smoking and drug use, just to relax your mind for a few seconds. Because of this behavior, it was a body of many diseases

There are many different teas, suggests that asthma can be cured naturally. You are not teas that come in tea bags, but are therapeutic teas, you would in a cup of tea.

- Chamomile is found mainly in tea and used as a natural treatment for asthma, many people say it helps you breathe. It is believed that the power level of chamomile to restore the strength of allergies to the point that the problems that can reduce the breath is caused by allergies are.

This is a natural element that opens the airways and also serves to reduce anxiety and panic. If you are concerned about how your breathing, which is more likely to aggravate symptoms of asthma. Take something you can highlight the opportunity that you panic and may help reduce asthma reduced.

- Omega fatty acids also used as a natural treatment for asthma, which will help the intake of Omega, as it will help, at a level of arachidonic acid, arachidonic acid may reduce asthma attacks cause. Yolks of seafood, meat and egg: This acid can be found in these foods

- Raisins: Eating raisins covered in water overnight. This is the best natural remedy for asthma and can significantly increase the respiration and circulation of air through the lungs.

- Garlic: This is a good choice and very useful for any type of asthma you need. Garlic cooked and added milk is a good natural relief for asthma.

- Vitamin C: If it helps 500 mg of vitamin C per day, the inflammation in the body, even if the daily dose of vitamin C may improve breathing.

- Avoid dust is a must for patients with asthma. Doing yoga breathing easier talking to your doctor to help you remove from asthma in the future.

- Avoid sleeping on a full stomach and not eat something serious when you go to bed. Stay away from certain foods can cause asthma. Do you have the habit of eating more fish because it reduces the status of their asthma. Cultivate the habit have exotic dishes such as fresh vegetables, fruits, intake of vitamins / minerals you can get away from asthma.


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