Monday, 31 October 2011

Breast Cancer - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care

by S.Eswara rao

Brest cancer is one of the most common cancer among women with 41 000 cases are diagnosed each year about 300 people. The chances of developing breast cancer is higher in older women, but fewer of those who have children at an early age and breast-feed their children.

Breast cancer is early diagnosis and treatment, the better the chances of success. All women in the UK at the age of 50 and 69 are offered mammography every three years as part of the national selection. The purpose of this program is to identify breast cancer earlier and more successful treatment. Women older than 70 years may be required to take three annual and women to 49 years with a history of breast cancer in the family you can talk to your doctor if you have to start early.

For most women, breast cancer is first noticed as a painless mass in the chest. Other symptoms may include changes in size and shape of breasts, seal the breast tissue, skin lumps, swelling or lumps in the armpit and rash, nipple. Chest pain is usually not a symptom of breast cancer.

If the doctor examine his chest, and I think that cancer is present, the patient in a hospital, where tests are conducted can go to:

Mammography - a low dose of X-ray of the breast tissue

Ultrasound - the use of sound waves to create images of breast tissue

Color Doppler - shows to determine blood flow to the area around the difference between cancer and benign tumors

Needle (core) biopsy - a needle is used to remove a small sample of tissue from the affected area

Needle aspiration - a needle and syringe used for sampling cells, the affected area

Blood tests - general discussion to see how the liver and kidneys are working and check for cancer of chemical substances in the blood

A biopsy - surgery where the entire mass is removed and sent to the

One-stop clinics - the clinic, where all relevant tests and the results are processed together while you wait.

Treatment of breast cancer depends on the stage and grade of cancer, patient's age, regardless of whether that cancer cells have receptors for certain hormones and proteins, and tumor size have. Most breast cancer treated with surgery to remove tumors, all or part of the breast tissue removed at the same time, however, reconstructive breast surgery can be done at the initial operation or later. Chemotherapy and hormone therapy can be performed before surgery to reduce cancer. After surgery, radiation therapy is administered to ensure that any remaining cancer cells are destroyed.

Doctors calculate the likelihood that the cancer has spread or come back and most women, it is recommended to reduce the treatment with chemotherapy or hormonal therapy is the risk of cancer recurrence. For some women, there are treatments, but at different times.


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