Friday, 11 November 2011

Colon Cancer Symptoms From Eating Too Much Meat

by S.Eswara rao

Important news for all of us, especially those who are more prone to symptoms of colorectal cancer. A new report suggests that consumption could by too much meat, including meat and sausages just above the risk of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer after skin cancer, diagnosed in the United States.


The doctors tell us that the majority of ovarian cancer to begin work on the glands along the colon and rectum. This cancer often starts as a non-cancerous polyps, which eventually lead to cancer. Experts are beginning to believe that we play in our body play a role in the risk of colorectal cancer - not a high-fat diet rich in fiber, are loaded and processed red meat, what your body needs to remain free of cancer.

The AICR recommends eating only 18 grams of red meat (beef, lamb, pork) in the week, because it takes too ill only a slightly increased risk of colon cancer. This works for about five or six small meals a week.

Processed meat is a no-no, as the report's findings have shown that eating processed meat increase the risk of colon cancer diagnosed twice as much as red meat increases. The greater the amount of processed meat you eat, the greater risk of suffering colorectal cancer.

Those who become ill compared to 24.5 grams per week (about 3.5 grams per day) of red meat, 17% chance of developing colon cancer compared to those eating do not eat red meat / processed according to the report of The AICR / WCRF. Those who found seven grams of red meat per day, a big 49 grams a week, eating the 34% chance of developing colorectal cancer.

Why red and processed meat is bad for you?

Nobody knows exactly how some people think that chemicals known as heterocyclicamines, a byproduct of cooking meat at high temperatures, may play a role. Meat and meat products are provided only to process - smoking, ie, cured or salted and add things like nitrates - none of them seem very healthy. We also know that the body changes nitrate into nitrosamines, is known to increase cancer risk.

Moderate consumption of red meat is a smart move. It may take more space in your meal with good food, like vegetables and whole grains. As for the multitude of processes, less is more.

The report also warned against excessive alcohol intake, the risk of colorectal cancer. Excess fat in the abdomen that seems to play a role in the increased risk of cancer suggest, experts said the other options for healthy living - more fiber and regular exercise such as important.

Cut red and processed meat from your diet and make other changes in diet and lifestyle (drinking less alcohol, eating more fiber, exercising regularly and keep your weight in a healthy range) can prevent nearly half of all cancers of the colon. It's more than 64,000 cases per year according to the latest.

The good news, said the panel of experts, the literature on the risk of colorectal cancer symptoms that the person is an element of control over the risk of this terrible disease. You can do something to help, but you must act now to not eat too much meat is an easy start.


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