Friday, 11 November 2011

Causes of Memory Loss

by S.Eswara rao

Memory loss may begin innocently by her house keys or do not remember someone's name. Fortunately, memory loss is not inevitable and can be avoided by preventive measures. The first step is to identify possible causes of memory loss. Some common causes of memory loss include old age, trauma, smoking, alcohol abuse and diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.
It's hard to remember or learn something when you are stressed, tired, anxious or angry - symptoms of stress from your mind. The human body is designed to protect themselves, and this may be a possible cause of memory loss, if your mind is handling more than enough. To answer this in an attempt to give it a rest. You will find that you remember when your spirit is alive and well rested. You may have more memory and more.
Stress is a healthy challenge, you can learn difficult unhealthy stress. Stress is a cause of memory loss, if your mind is very difficult to control, not a symptom of dementia. Pregnant women who suffer from stress, the child may have learning difficulties and reduce some of the spirit, which is connected to memory.
Amnesia occurs when memory is affected, or an organic or functional causes. Traumatic brain injury caused by physical or biological causes of common diseases, while psychological functional elements, such as defense mechanisms of the body. Memory loss caused by head injuries, and the period of memory loss is related to the severity of the injury. Psychogenic amnesia, such as the cause of functional amnesia is an adaptive response to allow children to survive the repression of memories, maintaining a commitment to someone who has abused.

Dementia is a cause of memory loss due to age. Depending on the degree of dementia can be reversed if it has not reached the final stage. The most common symptoms of dementia, the change in the character of the person suffering from delirium, and some experience with it. Dementia can be diagnosed and treated by regular blood tests for signs of medical correction of folic acid, calcium, vitamin B12, prescription, etc. can be seen,
Money and forgotten, but memories of life. Above are several reasons for memory loss, and after a healthy lifestyle can run to the store. Take steps to ensure that their memories are!


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