Friday, 18 November 2011

Famous Hairstyles

by S.Eswara rao

Hair shed light on the social situation of the company. Over time, changing hairstyles. The trend is that only the hairstyles of celebrities and popular icons still less than ideal. In 1900 he opened the Antoine de Paris, in the middle and behind the ears. In the 1920s, known Bob Brooke Louise. In the 1940s, made Rita Hayworth Bay side of the finger waves are very popular. In 1950 the hull was like a short hair and often. Foot long hair and poodle was popular in the 1980s. In 1990, when Jennifer Aniston curls and smooth style of old Sarah Jessica Parker again.

Hairstyles of famous

Ten all-time most popular designs are shown below.

The Mullet
It is still the "king of hairstyles". In this sense, short hair on top and long in back. In general, the rock star, Italian and South American countries this hairstyle. Mike D of the Beastie Boys used the "pad" concept for the first time in 1980-s.

This style reached its peak in the early 1960th Some celebrities that use this style of Michael Jackson and John Shaft. In this style, hair that looks better longer.

This style reached its zenith in the 1970s. It is popular, especially among women. But some people also use it. This is a common choice of the royal family of professional golf and grandparents. Note that the process of permanently damaging the hair.

The Aniston
The hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston allow ordinary girls face, such as its beautiful appearance. Aniston is a tendency among women worldwide.

There were character Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston of Friends, a popular weekly show was played. In his second season, Jennifer Aniston has a new fortress was an icon of the hair salon. This style was the name of his character as "Rachel". It's bouncy song of the skin and plush. The Los Angeles stylist Chris McMillan is the creator of this style. This style is most popular after "Farrah" style of 70 years. Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels began "Farrah" style.

The Summit
His style was different than the others in the foreground. They were painted in a different color than the rest. Although this style was very popular, not good.

The skinhead
Low cost and simple construction are the main advantages of this style. Has seen in the 1980s, on the football field and are widely accepted. Soldiers are Nazis and Liverpool, the biggest proponent of this style.

El Paso

The hair is divided into two halves and is not weak against the mining industry. In northern England, the "corner". In the 1990s he was the best solution, 11

The Mohawks
This style has many variations. Long hair is traditionally clearly the most ideal. Not for everyone.

A Punk Rocker
This style was heavily in the years 1980 and not long afterwards noticed. It is typically used with a leather jacket and tight jeans.

The comb-over
This is useful for older men because they actually hide the baldness. Those who use comb, at any time as needed to adapt. But this kind of error due to wind and bend in front and set the head.

Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyles
Parker Twelve popular types of hairstyles. The first one was pretty natural curls. The other was very bohemian, with thick hair, naturally wavy. The third was a medium-length coat with a flattering shape around her face, and an emphasis on natural curls. The fourth showed her natural curls. The fifth possibility of sufficient length, the right to decline naturally. The sixth was a great chin-length bob. The seventh was a smooth and straight with little or no stratification. The eighth was cut with a lot of irregular stacked layers to create the volume. The ninth was a shock to his shoulders, and a small amount of layers of cut ends. The tenth was nailed to the buckles and swept great run. The eleventh was below shoulder level and cut top and sides were angle layered. The twelfth had long hair with a thin layer after a certain freedom of movement.


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