Saturday, 19 November 2011

What is Amnesia?

by S.Eswara rao

Amnesia can be caused by several factors. A kind of amnesia is the loss of memory - the memory of a person who is affected by physical injury, such as brain damage or psychological factors through a traumatic event. I will answer frequently asked questions, so memory loss, and we hope to provide enough information to understand.

Anterograde amnesia and retrograde amnesia are two important characteristics of this disease. Anterograde amnesia is the difficulty of learning, there is no new information after the event to experience memory loss. Retrograde amnesia is when a similar problem with the facts or information are already familiar with the arrangement. Amnesia is the most likely to remember the past few years, so most of the effects on people with memory loss, memory loss problems in the short term. Amnesia has no effect on the attention span of a person's intelligence or personality. The person who suffers from memory loss is often aware that their memory problems, which have a significant difference between memory loss and other disorders such as dementia.

Amnesia can be caused by physical trauma or emotional trauma. Brain damage caused by physical trauma such as stroke, hemorrhage, and long-term alcohol abuse caused tumors that develop in parts of the brain that control memory of some of the causes. If the physical trauma associated with head injuries, so that the length of memory is often together in the severity of the injury. The dissociative amnesia or mental disability is the result of an emotional trauma. If a person is a victim of abuse or violent crime, the defense mechanisms that help the body to act in person with a lot of this event. Treatment of a person can repress the memories until they are ready, which may never occur.

Hopefully, the answers can be part of the memory because it is a rare disease in a short period of time (transient global amnesia), be good, or may be permanent or more syndrome (amnesia). Medical doctor and was effective in restoring memory in people suffering from memory loss, but the systems, psychological and social support for people with the help of amnesia, memory loss.


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