Thursday, 10 November 2011

Home Remedies for Dengue and Diet Tips

by S.Eswara rao

Symptoms of dengue fever
Symptoms of dengue fever is despite the patient cough or feel a sharp pain in your body. Most of the time, dengue fever accompanied by severe pain in the bones, and therefore this type of fever is also called break-bone fever. If the patient is suffering from dengue fever, he felt a sharp pain in front of the eyes of his mind and his eyes and joints. Loss of taste and appetite, the appearance of small spots on the chest and nausea and vomiting, other symptoms of fever.
Dengue fever can also cause bleeding and the patient is confused by the light, vomiting and can not rest. It may be repeated attacks of fever, especially after the rainy season. Dengue hemorrhagic fever usually causes internal bleeding.
Patients with severe abdominal pain and constant bleeding in the skin yellow, sticky neck, tall and red spots on hands, feet and face to face. The patient's blood through the nose, mouth or anus and the unconscious as a result of it. More is repeated when the patient is vomiting, unable to sleep and rest, your mouth is dry, and feeling thirsty all the time. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is extremely dangerous and can cause death. The worst part is that it is perfectly normal, fever appears.
The transmission of dengue
This fever is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes in stagnant water, glass, water tanks, barrels, bottles, buckets, live, and so on. In fact, she mosquitoes them with fever.
Natural Remedies
Most dengue fever is not very dangerous. The established treatment for the symptoms they have to say, and in case of patients at high temperatures can be used wet towels. Must be able to manage it according to medical cure.
Because analgesics can increase bleeding, which is not administered to the patient. More to the doctor to monitor the water balance in the body of the patient and the patient should be monitored regularly for blood pressure.

Treatment of dengue fever
Ayurvedic Dhatura is a version of Belladonna known. Use the leaves of this plant can seriously affect dengue fever. But remember that it is very important that no more than 2 decigram also because this plant can lead to poor negative symptoms such as dilated pupils and dry mouth.
Orange juice is a great enemy of the fever. It increases the excretion of urine, helps digestion and thus promotes the patient's antibodies to heal and move faster.
Raw papaya leaves are a great help in dengue, too. Clean books and a pressure of 2 pcs. You get a spoonful of each sheet. You can earn 2 tablespoons once a day. Do not forget that if you prepare food or wash with warm water to the leaves, they will lose their power.
Nutritional counseling
If you suffer from dengue fever, must have a diet. It recommends eating toast in the oven, cooked with pastry. Drink herbal tea with cardamom, Tulsa, or other herbs that are known to reduce fever.


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