Sunday, 20 November 2011

Obesity in Children - Increase of Fats in the Body

by S.Eswara rao

Obesity is a problem for everyone in this world. Been around the country who are diagnosed with age. This is not a disease but a problem that occurs because of obesity. It is important that you take care of your health. The planes of movement, and many is the proposed solution to the problem of obesity. It is clear that you are overweight, because the world is so busy that they only eat fast food, or may be referred to as junk food. Eat all the food is not necessary because of the nutrients, proteins, or any other form of calcium you need for a body. These junk foods are really a disorder of the body and helps to not be healthy, but also contributes to obesity, which is thick. Receiving a diagnosis of obesity, it is quite normal to invite many of the problems before them. Common problems such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems and more.

If one parent is obese, the truth is that the problem of obesity in children are common. According to investigators, it was reported that most of the problems of obesity for children and young people were hired. It is said that an overweight person is the person who is almost 20% of the fat in their bodies than normal. Body weight is different for children. Childhood obesity is a common problem with the food they eat, or the activities that caused them concern. Most children who eat too much, but all are involved in many activities ranging from normal to severe. On the other hand, if eaten, but not engage in any activity sitting in one place leads to obesity in children.

It is the duty of a parent to teach children how to stay healthy and fit. This lesson can be teachers to make a parody or a drama, a child can learn to understand. You must ensure that your child is full of fat junk food and fat. Obesity is not only affected children and adolescents, but for adults it is very necessary to care for them. Diet and exercise plan to keep the program where the whole family can participate will be added. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish once a week or more pulses that are secure in their daily food. If this meal a day, so the degree of obesity in children will undoubtedly be lower. It is the duty of a parent to your child to participate in social activities or others that may be simply an exercise for the body and can burn fat and reduce cholesterol.