Thursday, 17 November 2011

Salt Therapy to Rule Out Asthma Attacks

by S.Eswara rao

As the name implies, salt therapy, the use of salt for the treatment of various diseases. The key to this approach is invasive exposure to salt air with microscopic particles diffuse dry. Also known as Halo Speleotherapy and therapy, it is argued that the recurrent episodes of allergies, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases advantage. In fact, salt therapy of choice for treatment of asthma in the United States.

Salt is a drug used to treat asthma?

Asthma is a chronic illness, people experiencing mild to severe discomfort at times, especially after exposure to triggers. Limit your exposure to triggers is the best way to a worsening of symptoms that prevent easy for the patient. At the time of attack inhalers and medication is recommended to control symptoms. But if the underlying cause is treated, patients are addicted to drugs. Studies carried out have been the defective genes responsible for the appearance of this disease of the airways and a reliable choice made for them.

Compared with conventional therapy treatment options halo as a reliable drug-free treatment for asthma and allergies. But the effectiveness of salt therapy for respiratory diseases, allergies, sinus infections or other diseases that are not medically proven. There are some reports on the use of hypertonic saline for the promotion of lung function. It was also noted that people who work in the salt mines without the development of asthma and other lung diseases. In this context, it is designed to breathe the salty air can help the respiratory tract illnesses. Therefore, the same as the halo of therapy for the treatment of asthma.

In breathing due to asthma bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the respiratory muscles), an inflammation of the lining of the airways and excessive mucus production. Salt treatment reduces these responses, the efficacy of patients with respiratory diseases. During the therapy session salt, the salt air in the respiratory tract and penetrate deep into the lining of the airways. Dry salt particles (size between 0.1 and 2.5 microns) are effective in killing bacteria, reduce inflammation, open the airway to remove excess mucus, and the removal of foreign bodies. In short, breathe in the halo of therapy and to fight against asthma attacks.

As a salt of therapy to follow for the treatment of asthma?

The purpose of the method to create halo-therapy, is similar to the conditions inside a cave. To do this in the interior is designed so that the walls and floors are covered with salt raw natural salt. In order to maintain well pressure chambers, temperature and humidity controlled salts near a stable environment. Finally, in your air clean and free of harmful substances for fast results.

Discarded during the passage of the salt therapy in patients with asthma should be dry, negatively ionized minutes halite (rock salt) inhaled particles in a given period (one hour per session). This can be achieved by sitting in the specially designed room that looks like a natural salt mine. In the room, a machine called Halite halo generator used to display colors and small parts of the release. Although sodium is the main ingredient of this treatment, according to traces of manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals and trace elements, the origin of salt.

For best results, the patient must be involved in repeated sessions of salt therapy, about 12 times or more. In addition to the salt mines of salt pipe inhaler salinity artificially constructed salt lamps, similar effects in the halo of therapy to produce. The salt crystals in each packaged medical devices to be released in one form or another, patients breathe a while. With these decisions, in patients with asthma and other respiratory diseases, the benefits of treatment of halons in the comfort zone of their homes, ie, without going into an area of ​​salt. A word of caution is to follow the instructions for using the tools and time of the proposed treatment.

According to organizers, the risk of asthma significantly reduced by the use of salt therapy. It is also suggested that effective treatment of cystic fibrosis, ear infections and skin problems. Since this alternative form of treatment is not necessary pills or minimally invasive surgery is risk. Some side effects include skin rashes, skin irritation, coughing and coughing. To reduce the negative impacts, it is always advisable to take the approval of a qualified physician before making a kind of halo treatment.


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