Thursday, 17 November 2011

Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

by S.Eswara rao

Most of us consider gardening as a hobby or pastime, but many people prefer a great pleasure and satisfaction of plants and trees. Do you enjoy watching the plants grow, time, butterflies and birds that frequent the place, the whistling of the wind, bright flowers and even insects and worms. Most of them are to be happy and at peace with minor health problems. In other words, the garden is also available to provide certain health benefits. Is not it wonderful? Will we learn more about the incredible benefits of gardening.

Garden and Health

Gardening is an activity to interact with nature, and believed that nature has healing powers. To date, several studies on the relationship between garden and improving health. Almost all of them can be positive results. It has been suggested that gardening is good for mental well-being and physical. It is also considered a form of exercise, and is said to be beneficial to burn calories. Scroll down for more details about the benefits of gardening.

The physical benefits of gardening

We all know that gardening a physical activity such as digging, watering, weeding is, mowing, feeding, planting and transplanting, etc. The type and intensity of these activities may not be the same for everyone, it means that regular physical activity of 30 minutes (per day) is good for health. While working in the garden, most of the major muscle groups are involved, and the power and flexibility of the body. These activities are also beneficial for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Recent research suggests that working in the garden (regularly), the risk of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. The garden is also said that a good night. It is also beneficial to stimulate the immune system. Other health benefits of gardening to sunlight, vitamin D, which is grow your own food has a new line of nutritious fruits and vegetables allows exposed without harmful chemicals. It appears that children who grow fruits and vegetables to eat fresh food and less demanding. Some studies show that there are still older people enjoy gardening. Enjoy activities such as soil, watering plants, filling pots, etc., which is good for improving the strength of your hand. But if you're a gardener who does all the work, then they will be useless in terms of physical health benefits of gardening.

It's good exercise, gardening

Gardening is a natural form of exercise because it is a physical activity. As already mentioned, most of the major muscle groups are involved in any activity that improves strength and flexibility, the body's contours. But that does not mean you stop other exercises such as cycling and hiking. The benefits of gardening is just a bonus. Although the garden is mainly for fun, can be a form of exercise, if she does regularly for at least 30 minutes (per day), where it consists of moderate-intensity activities. You can also get rid of garden tools and start mechanized manual.

Part of the work of the garden (very painful) helps burn calories. The researchers, from mild to doing yard work, because the time to burn 300 calories to burn during intense exercise causes moderate 600 calories for the same period. For the grass, burning calories by 360 hours. It is almost equal to the time to transplant trees / bushes and weeds. To dig and dig holes, burns about 300 calories per hour. The amount of calories burned on the type and intensity of activity and type of body and gender. If your doctor has asked you to refrain from sports for health reasons, it is best to avoid activities that garden. Alternatively, you can compensate with other forms of movement.

Mental health benefits of gardening

Why gardening is widely recognized as an activity to feel good and be happy and contented in this world. Studies show that gardening can depression, anxiety and stress strongly avoided. It is assumed that the natural forces that help people with mental stress and physical healing again. Even the sick and disabled shows an improvement in their physical and mental health if they are surrounded by images of nature. According to an eminent scientist of environmental psychology is the observation of nature, almost like meditation. It makes a person feel relaxed and forget everything. As you can see a new epidemic, or the scent of a flower, create, stop thinking and thoughts, then your senses will be filled with perfume and nothing more. If nature has a healing effect, why not use it? Today you can find gardening help gardening to overcome physical therapists, social, emotional, cognitive, and human. Even a peaceful nature, it is useful for this purpose. A garden is the place where you can relax, happy and satisfied. If you fall in the garden, forget your worries and feel at peace with himself. It makes sense to do so by force, without any innate interest.

That's now about the benefits of gardening. If you have a garden, try to do with gardening tips from a friend or neighbor. Those with limited space, you can create a small window or in the garden. Try to get your children involved in this activity, as the love of nature is happy too early.


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