Saturday, 12 November 2011

What Foods Contain Folic Acid?

by S.Eswara rao

Many people have a lack of folic acid and vitamin B. In addition to taking a supplement is the only way to get adequate amounts of foods rich in vitamin B. It is common to get someone with a vitamin B12 deficiency, but the characters can not, and you take folic acid. For this reason, you always choose, supplemented with folic acid and vitamin B, the spectrum also.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommended that the part of the DV for folic acid, 400 or more. The best way to describe the value of DV is the percentage of the ingredient, the percentage of daily intake. One day, two points to 25% DV of folic acid, followed by five food items to 10% DV of folic acid in their total daily intake of folic acid to 100%. All grains with 100% daily value of folic acid is a daily source strengthened and so refreshing. The higher the proportion of DP, the best source of folic acid, especially food.

With large IR 45%, only three grams of beef liver a good way to get folic acid. The next step is immature for 25% of the share of 25% DV of cereal or half cup of cooked peas / Blackeye.

Another good source of folic acid are spinach, and half cup of only 25% DV of folic acid. The same amount of cooked beans or asparagus Grande do Norte, at least four have a DV of 20%. Both are excellent food for daily consumption of folic acid, and offer many health benefits too.

Some other foods with high levels of folate are peas, broccoli, lettuce and avocado. They are about 10-15% of daily value, and orange juice, beans, spinach, vegetarian and raw wheat germ oil. Almost all dark green leafy vegetables are high levels of folic acid.

Even if you feel, let alone an adequate intake of foods with folic acid is often what you really need to meet to avoid problems. There are many health benefits to ensure that an optimal level of vitamin B and folic acid, which applies to all, taking a dietary supplement as well.

Cereals, legumes, liver and all the juice can prevent a part of daily diet plan for illness or disease folic acid deficiency. Review of the nutritional value can easily DV to 100% DV of folate per day.


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