Tuesday, 6 December 2011

1970s' Hairstyles - Women's Seventies Hairstyles

by S.Eswara rao

Yes, indeed, women's seventies hairstyles have come back with a bang. This hairstyle is the latest trend on stage and can be seen in all its glory. The woman is about to rediscover the freedom that women enjoyed in the seventies came from his haircut from the fifties and sixties.

The seventies was a period when the world is the hippie era, "for it to go to the hairdresser to worry about. This means that the translated long hair flowing wildly famous flower children, and the pride is still practiced. Hairstyle that seems so natural as possible what is inside, so no more poodle hair, Pompadour, and in silence. It was to express their own true nature, but elegant.

Hair Fashion Sixties cool, or "HEP" word is used today. Dryer was created in 1970 in terms of hair style, is something quite revolutionary. No pin-up hair, no more paper, and certainly will not sleep with the curlers. With hair dryer, a woman can blow your hair long, because they want to look casual. Long, keyword-style hair straight in the seventies. In fact, in 70 women will do everything possible to look long and straight. Because they have a rectifier is not, women will actually use a regular iron to straighten their hair. They take turns other hair iron, gradually, be sure to burn it.

It's not just a style that was blowing right in the seventies. Glam also increased intelligence and adopted in great shape. Think Abba, thinks Charlie Angels. Direct result of the appearance of the sixties, there is a lack of courtesy and a tendency to freedom of expression, which resulted in a series of avant-garde look with a bold experiment with styles and colors. This is achieved through the creation of hair is shiny, shaped and decorated with banners. The braid of the sixties, but intertwined in the suburbs and was added to thin hair, very long. Short hair styles also has its own place in 1970. Some short hair styles of the most popular in the 70's bob hairstyle.

When we think of hair styles in the 1970s, "is the only name that comes to mind Farrah Fawcett Major. He is the person who made the feathers are a style statement that called again today with Smart and the crowd was. Head ornament it seems that hairy is actually very easy. All you do is just to dry your hair in movement and more movement, body and volume to create, then continue drying your hair around your face inside and out and move for the skin to create a soft effect.

There are many styles popular in the seventies, one of which is African. There are moments of black pride and power is present and settled in the fashion world, reinforcing the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Curly hair, black women have become this huge african hairstyle, which became a craze in the seventies to do.

In the sixties, also known as the disco era - remember the song Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever "with John Travolta moves hip-tics? - With Sino Land, elephant pants, and a large loop Patch is a dress code , hair style Drive where-where the women to take care of everything - cutting area nightclub that saw both popular for men and women from other popular hairstyles of the sixties .. Shag now back in great shape, although a version the same date, but it is undeniable Shag. His hair was cut into irregular layers, looking disheveled.

The teenyboppers of the seventies was also chosen in great shape, pageboy cut. This style was created by the curly hair on the back of the bowels, causing the length to the neck, and did the same on the edge and the hair on the sides, curl all the hair in order to frame the face. Horses that expands on the finishing touches. Mullet hairstyle worn by men and women, also defines the look of the seventies. It's time to let the hair on the back, usually in the shoulder, sometimes a little shorter, while cutting the top and front sides of the card.

Women who entered the hair style seven days of glam contains all the factors and revolutionary at the time. But with the tools and skills to stand out in the hall today, seven hair styles, keeping the retro feel, has become a very modern look. 70 "hair styles for women is a good example of a style that not only looks good, but also easy to manage and natural beauty.