Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Short Hairstyles for Women

by S.Eswara rao

Meg Ryan variety of applications short hairstyle Victoria Beckham is looking for an elegant ... Short hairstyles for women are still in vogue. In fact, if you turn hairstyle side of the story, to find a map in the last hundred years love, delete Duende, Bob and many other styles of fashion classic for many years.

Women who go short if they knew that well-crafted short style allows them to explore the possibilities are almost limitless learn selected styles. You can use a wide range of hair products on hand on the day of the experiment from the emerging and spray gels and creams. You can stand, Rema, Rema behind the head, comb curls or waves, depending on your mood, with a range of iron, hairdryer, brooches, necklaces and accessories. For example, removing a hot iron in a wide range of opportunities for small sections of hair that can ditumpangkan, the bold and unusual species.

Because of the unusual flexibility of short hair, works with almost any hair type and texture of coarse and fine, wavy to curly, straight, or even a combination of short hair, but never boring. Furthermore, very comfortable, especially the link Pixie - Wash-n-wear hair. It's just foam, dry with a towel, fingers and dry air - can be done in no time at all this. Ideal for ultra-busy, no time to deal with hair, long and complicated.

Short haircut is also generally used immediately. With a straight cut, the hair is only for your own safety and still looks amazing. Not just a short hairstyle gives a professional appearance, but is often the last word in elegance, elegance and sophistication.

That said, here are some short hairstyles are the most popular for women:

Blunt Bob

If you have fine hair is much thicker. But it is good with curly hair, if you are willing to straighten your hair often. Get your hairdresser to do a little strip on the front line and give boring. If you want the edge weight is to improve the overall picture.

A: You form meets every six weeks. You can dry style and use of a metal finish.

Short Bob

This style works best with the face square or oval. If you have a very round face, get the previous version. This discount is ideal for long, straight hair. For these children, which covers the face, the length must be greater than a strand of hair about an inch above the chin.

To maintain: To see this well maintained, you should visit the salon once a month.

Curly Bob

If you have a round face, the hair must be kept as the length of the chin, and slightly more in the neck to create a balanced view. If you have spiral curls, make sure your hair is too short. Curly hair tends to shrink, until the time limited cheekbones. You can cut a different effect, each axis.

To maintain: Secretary defended the general form, so no need to spend a lot of styling products. You have to cut once every six weeks.

Short Shag

This style is very well with most hair types except hair is too thin or too thick. It looks good in a sensitive boy-boy, with small details. For the longest hair in the crown.

To maintain: This style tends to grow quickly, so you must cut every 4-6 weeks. Style this cut is very simple, all you need to do to use a volumetric pump to the root when hair is wet. Despite the dry tangles with your fingers. At the end came at the edges with your fingers.

Pixie cuts

The effect is created again and again, confused and upset. Also known as cut "Elf" is an acronym known in layers. This style focuses on the face, so you should try to feel good about themselves, and if the functions you want to style it. In essence, short hair and long term, so do not cut section or not. This has the effect of creating a layer haircut frames the face. I think Mia Farrow in "Rosemary's Baby" or Twiggy Lawson.

To maintain: You must cut a month to be beautiful. In view of the feminine side can lead to the rack.

Long hair cut short

This is very similar, with oval face. If you have straight hair and thin, this cup, add incredible body on him. You can create an atmosphere of stone, if you have wavy hair. Keep corrugated layers along the sides and back. It may not be the same, hitting hard, can be placed on the face or behind the ear to continue.

To: to keep cool, you have to cut every other month.

Short hairstyle can instantly create a new image. If you want to display a new dress or a hot new weight loss, there's nothing like starting a new short hairstyle is really addictive. You can add new life and vitality to your image and appearance.


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