Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Alcohol Intoxication - What Are The Dangers?

by S.Eswara rao

Alcohol poisoning is usually not occur if a drink. However, increasing the risk of injury to themselves and others, consumption increases. Repetitive poisoning can damage hearing organs, nervous system and brain. It can also harm the fetus. If you understand the risks they can take steps to reduce your risk.

The dangers of pregnancy

A woman who is pregnant or planning a pregnancy, with a significant risk of harm to the child, to the point where the noise is drunk. There is no safe amount of alcohol or other alcohol is good in pregnancy.

Some babies born to mothers taking any of the abnormal facial features characteristic of fetal alcohol syndrome suffer, but still related to alcohol or neurological disorders ARND. Abnormalities in the central nervous system, ranging from small cognitive deficits and developmental delay, mental retardation. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation in the United States.

Alcohol before age 21

Alcohol passes from mother to child in breast milk, the child asleep and awake. There may also be a slight delay in motor development of children, such as crawling and walking. Children who drink alcohol during their mother's milk and infant sensory memory for the taste and aroma that predispose them to have a later interest in alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol destroys brain cells. Two decades of scientific research, created by the report of the American Medical Association "harmful effects of alcohol on the brain of children, youth and students," shows how alcohol alters brain development, which may be irreversible damage. A young to drink, the risk of hippocampal sclerosis, which controls the area of ​​the brain, learning and memory. The areas of decision making and reasoning of the brain may be affected.

Risk adolescents and adults

If over-the-counter or prescription medications, there is a risk that the interaction between drugs and alcohol, but are separated by a few hours. Some drugs with alcohol drowsiness and dizziness. Other combinations of ameliorating the effects of alcohol and may show signs of intoxication after a drink.

Alcohol poisoning causes changes both physical and behavioral. Early symptoms include reduced inhibition and unpredictable behavior. Because alcohol clouds the central control of inhibition in the brain that control emotions raw. There is a feeling of euphoria. That affected his balance and coordination, increased reaction time and can speak of his bow.


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