Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Core Training for Knee Pain

by S.Eswara rao

Have you ever wondered why you experience pain in the knee when standing after sitting for a while or after the game? Your muscles may suffer from a disease called "memory buttocks." That's exactly what it sounds, the muscles of the buttocks, in a constant state of relaxation, you can not start "wake up" signal to the brains. As a result, other muscles to compensate, and knee pain can occur. Knee pain is a combination of several factors, such as the hip flexors compensate for a long time by shortening the general public. Simple exercises can prevent amnesia from the bottom in September, however.

To bear on the buttocks during the meeting, for example, is the best way to get active muscles, even if they do not. Strengthening the abdominal muscles also help internally and buttocks to help maintain an upright posture. If all this seems confusing to you, no easy way to tell if your belly is the cause of pain in the knee, the test as a squat. This test gives you an idea where the problem might be, so you can take steps to do something.

Make a simple squat and someone to take pictures of the movie you should take to analyze the results. If the torso bent forward more than 45 degrees, goes forward bending. More leaning forward, move the weight on the toes, causing an imbalance. If you exercises that need to perform the activity of the lower body, the calf muscles are active, which in turn increases the internal rotation of the knee. Return excessive tendency also means that you have a bad attitude, mostly due mainly to weak abdominal muscles have.

Weak core muscles, including muscles and the transversus abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique, right gluteus medius and gluteus max can not be maintained. Excessive sitting or sedentary activities can weaken and relax the muscles. Therefore, the attitude of the broken and discarded at the end of the stress on your feet. Squat Test is demonstrated by the excess to fold. However, the formation of the nucleus, and in particular the formation of the abdominals and buttocks improve posture and the risk of knee pain. Many people do not realize that in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles to improve posture, but it's true


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