Saturday, 3 December 2011

Getting Ripped Using Body Weight Exercises

by S.Eswara rao

For years people have wondered whether it is possible to hire the use of simple body weight exercises. Many of us believe that lifting heavy weights every day, and diet is the only way to cheat, but it is certainly one way to do this without going to the gym.

Every body is different and has its advantages during weight lifting, body weight exercises that give the same results, better results. All you need is your body, mind, knowledge and a strong will. With enough knowledge to good technique and form and develop the mindset to build muscle used to ensure that you quickly get your muscle goals.

Experience of the muscles to burn fat and gain muscle without weights

The only way to gain muscle mass causes your muscles under constant tension, compared to their previous training. It is often as bodybuilders, weight gain experienced after every game or training. Although this is a good way to build muscle, you will find these results at home, simply increasing the intensity of your training weight.

If you do in this situation, three sets of 15 push-ups on Monday and then be done on Wednesday, 18 try gradually increasing the number of iterations performed a significant increase in the amount of stress, the muscles are placed under and thus the intensity of training.

Push-ups are a must!

As one of bodyweight exercises effective push-up is still an exercise that everyone should do. There are several variations of push-ups and very important for each one of them took advantage of a great upper body workout to make progress.

Push-ups work the chest, back, middle managers and even arms and shoulders. This is really a great upper body workout and if you do 50 repetitions without interruption, you will think well on your way to shed body fat and increase muscle mass.

Rules for force measurement - Pull-ups

Since there is no serious doubt a difficult exercise, pull-ups are still measured in terms of strength. If you can get many pull-ups, which often do much about the relative strength. Relative strength is important, how strong you are in relation to their bodies. If you have a very hard, but they are more capable than pull-ups to be done still.

When doing push-ups you can work the entire body during exercise, but most, with the shoulders biceps and triceps. Forget biceps and focus on doing a lot of push-ups.

Most men have difficulty performing one or two games, so it is recommended not to lose motivation when you feel you're fighting every game. Founded in 8 pull-ups to failure (ie, the muscle is not possible, other physically interesting) thing to do when you're done so capable, 3 sets of 8 pullups, you'll be robbed on the way.

Use the leg muscles

One of the largest muscle group is trying to fool tricks with weight exercises for the legs. Muscles support your body is in essence running, or running. When working your legs, not just the shape of the lower body, but you will be strengthened and better foundation for your body.

One of the most effective leg exercises, fat weight and tone the lower body to burn half squat. With the implementation of the squat legs, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and cooperate with the buttocks. This will not only increase the profits of the muscles in the lower body, but also improve your cardiovascular workout regimen is very important for the child's body in time.

Cardiovascular exercise should include both cardio and interval training exercises and to develop the leg muscles strong, you will see that you are faster on foot or by bike for a short time of each circuit training with ease. Remember, you want your legs ripped from the body of a runner, the body of a marathon runner is torn.

Nutrition is important and why ripped without weights or exercise machines

If you really want to learn to get ripped without weight, you have a healthy diet. Although many people before you count calories and make sure that a certain amount of protein and carbohydrates that people simply do not need a lot of time and patience for it.

As long as you ensure that you follow a diet with fat, protein, like chicken, tuna and meats, healthy carbohydrates such as oats, and healthy fats such as nuts, simpler time, to lose body fat during weight training, free meals . But remember that there is no substitute for focus and hard work, but the strings have to eat hard physical.


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