Saturday, 3 December 2011

What Are the Superfoods For a Super Body?

by S.Eswara rao

Because the registration number of improvements in the industry in modern times, there are many comments that some of the food is really good for you again, even if they are full of preservatives and all parts of the food can seriously damage health of an exaggeration. Down and more consumers who are sick and weak. This will help, at least as a revelation to many men and women across the country. Literally speaking, to be effective in maintaining good health, no doubt, all you have to do, in fact, stick to the basics, which indicates that you should eat healthy food meal plan consists of fruits - - and vegetables that not only can improve their welfare, but also serve to improve the functioning of the body, so to lose weight. Furthermore, due to ongoing investigations to eat something and saw that contain more than you think they do and how it has done, especially to improve organizational performance.


Cinnamon is reported that one of the most famous and popular in the world. Cinnamon is used for a variety of cultures, but not only in the food supply, but the fact that the drug for certain health conditions and diseases. Recent clinical studies show that cinnamon was published in gasoline increased very promising in the treatment of type II diabetes, Diabetes Care in the consumption of news, at least half a teaspoon a day can reduce blood glucose levels blood in the body. Cinnamon has been shown to actually stimulate the body's digestive system, but people are used to treat various digestive disorders. They found that the tissue to tone the body and helps relieve the burden of the reaction sequence of colds, allergies, including other natural factors.

 Almonds are known to be rich in vitamin E and other nutrients are also known by other security features that include reduction of cholesterol in the body what to do. Published not long ago, the Food Research Institute of the nucleus and is responsible for maintaining the prebiotic properties that can improve digestive health better than the body, increasing the number of intestinal bacteria that is recognized by the will of benefit to you physically.



Is to help identify their vision of the existence of beta-carotene. In addition, carrots are also set to true antioxidant properties have been identified to treat a variety of free radicals that are known to translate into reality, and the presence of cancer, macular degeneration, heart problems.



The grapes are known to contain Reservatrol with quercetin was established based primarily on the effects of agglomeration and reduce clotting. What is the housing of low-density lipoprotein, or good fats in the compensation awarded by free radicals.


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