Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Keeping Your Liver Healthy

by S.Eswara rao

We are bombarded with a lot of stress and toxins every day. Both the food we eat, air we breathe or the products we use, imposes restrictions on the factors in the liver. Liver controls more than 500 built-in functions. It is the largest organ in the body. Everything you eat and digest processed by the liver. If your heart is not healthy and full of venom, you can get some of the symptoms: fatigue, jaundice, headaches, allergies, mental confusion and depression.

The function of the liver: Many liver function. Liver cleanse the blood, production and storage of important substances such as vitamins, hormones and enzymes, and keep the digestive system clean by changing the amino acid in the urea, which is filtered by the kidneys. The role of liver detoxification is very important for overall body health. If the liver is damaged scar tissue, resulting in a condition known as cirrhosis.

Evidence of liver damage: There are several ways you can be clinically proven liver damage. A test to check liver enzymes enzymes. In more severe cases, liver biopsy should be performed. Elevated transaminases is not always a problem of liver damage. Working closely with your doctor if there is a problem with your liver.

Methods for a healthy life: There are important things you have to do for heart health. Limit intake of alcohol, drugs, toxins and avoid as much as possible. If you drink too much alcohol would be prudent to limit their consumption. Treat more water will help the right to drink poison in his body. Do not use chemical cleaners. When working with chemicals, like paint the project in a well ventilated area and wear gloves and a mask to reduce exposure. Products for hair and skin should be free of toxins that your body will absorb the contact. There are cheaper products are now widely available in organic and chemical-free, you can go.

Rules and Supplements: If liver damage is more difficult for the liver to process materials such as medicines and nutritional supplements. It is very important that your doctor about any information about something like taking the toxicity or interactions with other drugs that can harm you and goes to his heart.

Healthy food choices: eat a balanced and nutritious diet for your heart healthy. Avoid raw seafood and processed foods. Limit your intake of caffeine. If liver cirrhosis, it is possible that the amount of protein consumed by the border. Healthy eating is the best within the limits of small fatty and spicy foods. Chemical-laden foods will improve your digestive system and decrease its ability to detoxify. Good food choices are fresh vegetables steamed with oil and lean protein like turkey, chicken and eggs. Salad-based foods extra protein is an ideal choice for complex carbohydrates like brown rice. Foods that are considered as natural detoxifiers, such as broccoli, cabbage and kale. Replace salt with herbs to flavor foods and limit your intake of sugars.

Exercise: Regular exercise in your life. Avoid strenuous exercise, but focus on activities such as biking, hiking or swimming. Helps eliminate toxins and wastes from your blood flow and oxygen levels, which both help keep the liver healthy increases.

Positive outlook: One of the primary health care is a good healthy attitude. Research has shown that positive mental attitude can benefit your immune system. Also, make sure you get enough rest. Creating a life that focuses on balance in all areas. These simple guidelines will help maintain a healthy heart, and if damaged can also help heal. Remember to always consult your doctor if you are taking medications or supplements, and to help you make the best choice for heart health.

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