Sunday, 25 December 2011

4 Simple and Easy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level

by S.Eswara rao

Blood cholesterol has much to do with the chances of heart disease. You should try where possible, reduce cholesterol levels. A weight control, healthy diet, exercise to reduce fat intake and regular. Here are simple and easy resources to help you achieve this goal.
weight loss - what can be done by the combination of reduced calorie intake with regular exercise. And try to avoid crash diets to lose 1-2 pounds per week to achieve the desired goal of weight loss. For your ideal weight, develop healthy nutrition and regular exercise.
Eat plenty of fiber - soluble fiber lowers cholesterol levels. These fibers are pectin from apples and other fruit, guar gum, which is found in chewing gum, and fiber in oats, beans, corn, rice, beans and others. All types of dietary fiber has the advantage that a feeling of fullness, so their food intake.
Reduce the consumption of fats and cholesterol - When cooking, use a low-fat low-cholesterol cookbook contains recipes. There are many good cook books that are designed to reduce cholesterol goals and provides tasty and healthy. Some also suggest that you keep your traditional dishes, but the change in a healthy way to reduce cholesterol levels.

Serve small portions of meat and make the noodles, vegetables, cholesterol free diet foods rich in fat and low. They also reduce the consumption of high cholesterol levels, such as meat, foie gras and eggs.
Regular exercise - one of the most effective ways to lose weight and control through regular exercise. Regular exercise not only helps you lose weight and control your weight but also help raise HDL cholesterol - prevent a type of cholesterol that cholesterol buildup in arteries that contribute.

You do not have a training program developed by professionals in order to lose weight and control your weight. Easy hiking or jogging solid fitness for 10-30 minutes per day. Just be consistent in your training.

Finally, you can lower cholesterol by the loss and control your weight, eat healthy foods, such as fiber, low in fat and cholesterol and exercise your body on a consistent basis.


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