Saturday, 17 December 2011

Plan To Gain Muscle Mass

by S.Eswara rao

Today, more and more women and men to increase muscle mass, for the purpose of improving the level of power, and for reasons of health and wellbeing. Strength training is the most appropriate form of exercise and customary for this purpose. But not only requires special training, especially suitable in hypertrophy and nutrition / supplements that goal.

Food for weight gain

First we must consider the need for a balance between calorie intake and exercise every day, and to fulfill our caloric intake of food. This is done by adjusting the intake of carbohydrates and protein needs of each agency. For it is muscle mass, athletes should consume an average of about 1.5 to 2 g protein per kg, which may in some cases and from 70 to 10 grams of carbohydrates reached 3g/kg carbon / kg body weight.

On a practical level. Inclusion of meat protein, preferably of white fish such as tuna or salmon, mackerel, etc. And the assimilation of carbohydrates that are slow and low glycemic index can be found in pasta, wholemeal products, fruit and vegetables. It is expected to slow a balanced intake of food in quantities of 2.30 bis 02.30 clock clock in the shape of the energy value of total calories should come from carbohydrates, 40-45%, 30-35% protein and 20% lipid of plant origin. preferably

Additions selected

Based on dietary supplements, is a surplus of safe, convenient and effective to do so. Therefore, the recommended intake is the Nutritional OR OR Supreme winner pure mass, or, as the weight you want to win. Increases in weight and / or muscle volume winners nutrition or the Supreme Court recommended dose twice daily before and after exercise. These supplements provide energy to train effectively and helps to relax the muscles in all its anabolic phase, taking into account the gain of muscle mass, training for education.

Creatine is a supplement to the standards for the development of muscle mass as well as the most effective use. Regular intake of five grams of creatine daily nutrition or energy after training with 50 g then carbohydrates, increases the strength and the consequent increase in the intensity of the workout. Creatine can lift heavier weights and more repetitions.

The increase in testosterone levels achieved by the ingestion of Tribulus terrestris, ZMA, which is crucial to creating an anabolic environment, more muscle mass to be created. Both are nutrition GOLD. Sometimes it may be necessary to combine the two.

Glutamine is considered according to recent scientific studies, and an excellent physical recovery, a stimulator of growth hormone. Therefore, the consumption is very important for programs to gain muscle mass. In this case, you nutrition or glutamine pills. Ideally at least 2 to 3 grams before bed.

Finally, one of the newest additions to the Portuguese market is "Pro HGH," this type of supplement is one of the most advanced in our time is to be treated, the increased production of growth hormone, which is positive mass gain any muscle and not only! In this category are the most advanced products on the market Ultramax. Your opinion is expected to last at least a period of 12 weeks. The best results were obtained after 6 months of treatment.

To make it easier for consumers looking for an ideal combination of supplements to increase muscle mass, eNetural package aims to help increase muscle mass.

Relevant education

With regard to education, as already mentioned, you should choose strength training, hypertrophy is to choose the best. It consists of courses while primarily to two groups, muscular exercise, a great (back, for example) and should be low (eg tricĂ­pete) to four exercises per muscle group with three or four series, 12 -8 maximum reps . First and foremost is the largest muscle groups, and three or four sessions to work all the muscles as well. This workout should take between 10 to 12 weeks. Upon completion of this cycle, if the change in these exercises.


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