Saturday, 14 January 2012

Improve Eyesight At Night Through Simple Activities

by S.Eswara rao

Have experience trying to watch a short distance from the light source at night? You may have noticed that when we seem to disappear right to have the light. But if you try to see with your peripheral vision, they will be able to see the light. If you have not experienced such a thing, it's worth a try.
Light leakage can be explained by the different structures of the retina. Who is responsible for giving us a good overview in a good light, the cones. Cones are responsible for the collection of colors and give us a detailed overview. If it is darker than a certain level, cells stop functioning cones late master. The bars refer to areas outside the retina and is primarily responsible for our peripheral vision.

There are several things you can do to improve your night vision. Most of them are very simple, and most require little effort on your part. The first thing is to try to get away with the glasses when not in use. Glasses make life easier for your eyes, so can weaken the response to low-light situations muscles and makes them less qualified to be dependent on glasses. It also changes the natural light in an artificial lake, which can lead to errors in the refraction of light when the lenses are not available. If possible, avoid the use of glasses.

The next important thing to remember is to feed their eyes with the necessary nutrients. The main one is vitamin A. Helps night vision, when in the darkness, to promote, because it is a part of the formation of rhodopsin, also called "visual purple" is known. Help for a moderate but regular vitamin A in your diet to feed the process. It should be noted that vitamin A is toxic when ingested in large quantities to be. Call a doctor if you are unsure about the dose. There are natural alternatives that help the body to vitamin A. Carrot juice, fruit, orange and yellow and green vegetables will help the body's ability to produce the greatest need for vitamin A.

Another method you can use the sun which can increase your tolerance to light. It can also help lift the mood and wellbeing. Another method is drained. If you have webbed feet, a good idea is to visualize the dark. Keep in mind also to observe the breath during the execution of these methods and are always trying his best position.


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