Saturday, 14 January 2012

Will Laser Eye Treatment Ache?

by S.Eswara rao

Often people associate surgery with pain, bleeding and cutting of body parts. Since the laser eye treatment refers to the most delicate part of the body is the eye when the cornea is very dense with nerve endings that leave people say it hurts.

But is this really the case with laser treatment?

The truth is that laser surgery is to carve the front of the eye or cornea. This problem is usually with a precision laser. A local anesthetic is first applied to the eyes, before this part of the merger. Irritation of the residence is a symptom of anesthesia and oral medication is also used to maintain calm during surgery.

Anesthesia, no discomfort is felt by the surgery. It feels a tug, when the eye is the eye moves in the right environment. To block flashes, uses special equipment to remove the cap, which seems unusual, but not painful. Since we do not blink, your eye doctor to spread the lubricant evenly. It is imperative that you remain awake throughout the process, because you have to look at a target.

Anesthesia is used for up to 4 hours. You do not have to kill some time in the hospital during this long process is quite fast. Anesthesia pay when you come home and feel a slight discomfort typical at this stage. Sleeping in the most painful point of relaxation, even encouraged. A bed, with your eye doctor may prescribe sleeping pills for you.

The discomfort is likely to disappear in the morning and the vision must be clear, when you wake up the next day. Less pain is typical for the laser treatment is known to cause drought, but the lubricant must be sufficient to relieve this symptom. This is especially true for the PRK instead of LASIK.

The first months after the trial, the best time to use eye drops to relieve dryness several times. Eye drops to the end of the month and ends shortly after the application of the lubricant.

During the first six months after surgery, you are with your laser eye clinic remained in follow-up audits to see. The tests are similar to those performed by optometrists, so there is no reason to feel uncomfortable.

You will find that laser eye surgery should not take this as bad as you. Irritation is the most important specification when it comes to laser eye surgery, and this is a fairly insignificant compared to a lifetime of clear vision after surgery.


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