Tuesday, 21 August 2012

4 Types Of Foods You Should Not Eat Before You Sleep At Night

by eswar santhati

Depending on what kind of day did you have a little hungry just before bedtime. However, there are a smart snacking way and not too smart to snack. Bedtime
The selection of breads / wrong foods can disrupt sleep patterns and packing in a lot of empty calories.
Check the following 4 types of foods that you avoid bedtime and why should eat a good idea.

1)Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar
Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar, such as biscuits, cakes, pies, cookies, or even before bedtime. In other words, do not try to eat foods with wheat or flour. These foods will raise blood sugar levels and cause you to take your energy level and after the accident, your regular sleep cycle is disturbed.
If you absolutely must have a snack when they are hungry, eat a piece of fruit instead of a healthy apple.
2) Stay away from anything that is sharp
Spices are naturally good for you in many ways, but eat at night, such as spicy food is not one of them.
Spicy foods contain chemicals that speed up your senses, making it difficult to sleep. Not only that, hot and spicy food you bellyache about.
3)Avoid anything or greasy, fat or fat
Heavy, fatty foods, is consumed the fat work at bedtime stomach harder to digest. In addition, the next morning he will probably feel sluggish and lethargic - like with a "hangover food".
Try to avoid eating foods like ice cream, nuts, extra food cheesy, and all kinds of fast food at bedtime.
4)Foods rich in protein
How fatty foods is foods rich in protein such as red meat sit like a brick in your stomach all night. This makes it difficult to try to sleep effectively, all that to digest the meat. Although red meat is the main culprit, and even worse, large quantities of pork or chicken for the same result in their digestive system.

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