Tuesday, 21 August 2012

6 Quick and easy Weight Loss Strategies That Backfire Every Time

by Anonymous

1)Skip breakfast (or other meals)
If you cut calories, lose weight. It's true. But skipping meals is not the way to do it - especially if you skip a meal is breakfast.
Much better than skipping a meal is to eat more often - it is true that we are told to eat more often.
This is why ... If you skip a meal or two, your body responds by decreasing metabolism. Then when it comes time to eat, you get hungry and eat at the end more than they can handle your metabolism.
This means that if you normally eat 1,800 calories, but then decides to lose weight by skipping breakfast and lunch, but eat about 1200 calories for dinner, your metabolism is not "operating" for sudden heat load means the management lunch and the extra calories are stored - as fat.
Therefore, a failure or two meals can look good and just to lose weight, but you are doing the right thing.
Much better to eat more often - maybe 5 or 6 times a day. If smaller portions throughout the day to try grazing metabolism of your body and nothing is sent to fat storage - assuming, of course, they are within the guidelines of normal calories for your body type.
2) Cut calories way back
Cutting calories is definitely the way to lose weight, but if you're too dramatic, then your body overreacts and goes into starvation mode.
Fat alive through "starvation mode" - when your body thinks it does not have enough food, respond to cling to anything.
What does this mean for you? Unless drugs prescription weight loss under doctor's orders, you should never eat less than 1200 calories per day for women or 1400 calories a day for men.
3)Walk every day
Go intestine. Sounds good, right?
The problem is that a step of low intensity, calorie consumption. And while up a little weight if you really could lose a lot, it will not do the job you want if you try to achieve your ideal weight.
Such as jogging, swimming, gym class, or almost anything a sweat - If doctors say train for weight loss, we are talking about a high-intensity cardiovascular activity other.
This is the golden rule - if you train a sweat and make you three or more times per week for 30 minutes or more, then you are on the right track.
Naturally sweat means that while you are not going to the pool!

4)cut comfort food
Many people follow this strategy to lose weight without success - just cut your food worst weakness and go to books.
Although you may feel good in the pain and suffering of the negative is not going to take the pounds.
Losing weight is an issue all day every day, not just jump pizza or cake.
After all, if you will. His favorite comfort food restaurants operate our heads for us to "deserve" something else, and that is why we will reward you with a spoon against a particular
Worse, if you are really suffering in his refusal, occurs often end with this comfort food you want, then break, but eat, and give you a completely healthy way.
Best on the right track with your weight loss campaign to stay and eat only small amounts of these "special" each day as comfort needed a sense of satisfaction and not to hold guilty.
5)Taking a sauna
Hot and sweaty in the sauna can be like a good workout, but not a solution to weight loss.
What happens in the sauna is to sweat and lose a lot of different mass liquid stored in the body. In fact, if you look after the sauna weight, usually weigh less - maybe even lose 2-3 pounds or more!
All wat sweating can feel good and you could size. A good report, but none of that, because your body needs only to replace the body of water as soon as you are back where you started to lose
Save the sauna for a special gift for the gym, but not use it as a weight loss tool.
6) Cut carbs
Well, Dr. Atkins, that we go with him, right?
Almost everyone has lost weight with something like the Atkins diet, which suggested the consumption of certain proteins and carbohydrates.
The free carbohydrate diet works well, but as something, sauna, weight after leaving.
Staying on a diet free of carbohydrates is not a permanent solution, as there are many foods that contain carbohydrates is not, however, necessary for the body - such as fruits and whole grain products with minerals, vitamins and fiber your body needs.
You can use the carb-free life for the weight like many other people trying to lose weight, but it will almost certainly again to stop as soon as you arrive. (To be done in the long run, carb-free rule, reset your metabolism and keep the weight of life, but usually only under the supervision of a physician.)
The best way to lose weight to have a healthy balanced diet, is to live forever.

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